A better Dashboard for high level overview



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lol you’re a funny guy Coach @James_Carl! Per you’re suggestion then me and @Peter_Skjoldager promise to give @Alexis the biggest internet high five ever!!! :slight_smile:
Heck I’d even offer to take them both out to lunch in San Fran where I live if they added this required feature :slight_smile:




I’m the community manager, so I can’t make any promises. :grin: Your enthusiasm is noted, though.


@Hendrik, I did a search for Kaizana and found a YouTube video that looks awesome but the website doesn’t seem to work. Did they go out of business?


Same experience here


Sadly, I can confirm that Kaizana is no more :disappointed:


Well, it looks like we’ll just have to have Asana make a better version of BetterWorks visual! :wink:




Seems you are right. I am on a vacation only with my phone at hand… I last used kaizana in February I guess. Minor bummer…


Thanks @Matt_Bramlage. :cry:


It looks like @Eyal_Ronel may have built something promising for progress tracking. I just DMd him about trying it out and will let you know if it meets some of the “dashboard” needs expressed here. Maybe some of you may not want to wait :slight_smile:. His original thread:


Thanks for starting these conversations, @Peter_Skjoldager, these are excellent ideas. In particular your point #2 above is the hurdle my team has identified preventing us from upgrading to premium (we’ve been free users for a while now). Without the ability to tag (or better, create custom fields to categorize) and then sort projects, the dashboard feature of Asana will not suit our vertical reporting needs. If this feature was created, Asana would definitely have our business.


Remember to vote this topic up. We need these improvements to the dashboard!!

Dont you agree @Sam_Leahey?


I don’t even know how to “vote up” lol. Teach me the path to greatness @Peter_Skjoldager!!! :frowning:


On top of the thread @Sam_Leahey:slight_smile:


I love it @Peter_Skjoldager! We will get @Alexis to make this happen if it’s the last thing we do!!! :slight_smile:



Lol Sam you know I’m the Community Manager.

See How we’re listening to your product feedback


Oh we know it @Alexis! :slight_smile: We just don’t know who else to harass about it so you’re our go to for now lol :wink:


This would be perfect, my team’s been searching for the right project management tool and I’ve been trying to push for Asana over Flow. But the only thing that my lead is won over towards Flow is its ability to create a large team within an organisation, and has multiple smaller teams. So its hierarchy isn’t just Organisation > Team, but Organisation > Group > Teams. And under this middle tier, one can have an overview of the various teams tasks.

I guess this would be especially useful for large organisations (that don’t use Asana), but where departments and sub-departments want to.



Your best option is to submit feedback and vote for feedback. The votes will do the talking. :+1:


Well I already voted at the top but what’s this “submit feedback” option you’re referring to? Where do I do that?