Add custom fields to My Tasks


The ability to have custom fields on tasks within a project is really useful and I’d like to have the same ability when I’m in My Tasks. I keep clicking into individual tasks thinking I can make progress only to realize I need to hold, which is a waste of time. I’d love to see statuses in My Tasks at a glance.

My Tasks (and reports) Custom Fields

My tasks is populated with tasks from various projects, each one potentially having their own custom fields. You would want to see the fields in the My Tasks view without having to open each one right?

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I would like the ability to set which custom field/s I want visible in My Tasks. Mainly, I want my custom Status field so I can see what’s in the briefing, in progress, on hold. etc. so I know what I need to action and what I need to follow up or hold off on without opening up a task to check its status.


I really dislike the fact that custom fields can’t be added to the My Task section. I have some fields that work much better for the team by using the columns to set multiple items. Having to click each task, and alter the custom fields in each one is a pain.

Same goes for reports (which I’m assuming My Tasks is just a preprogrammed report). Having columns that show up and moreover total if they have numbers, would really help.


Hi @Francesco_Alessi and thanks for sharing your feedback! I have gone ahead and merged it with Add custom fields to My Tasks to make sure to gather all feedback on one thread!