Add project name to each task in calendar view


I find that with many small projects happening all at once, there aren’t enough colors to assign to each project to be useful in calendar view. I’ve been manually adding the project name to each of my tasks every morning to avoid having to keep reopening them to see which project it’s for. For example, as a contractor, one of my tasks in my project template is “Send proposal.” So when I’m looking at my calendar and see “Send proposal” 7 times in the same day, among many other tasks, I’d like it to tell me which project. Is there a way to add the project name to the end of each task without having to do it manually? I think many would find this useful.


We have this problem, too. We’re a web team, so we have the same broad steps for a lot of projects: client review, team review, QA, etc. This would make a big difference in the happiness of my team.


Since I sometimes have more projects than there are colors I can easily distinguish, I only use colors for status or importance.

So in calendar view I can’t tell what project a task belongs to without opening it. I am experimenting with putting the project name or short name in to the names of each task so I can use the calendar as a normal person.

It would be a huge help if you could just print the project name in the calendar view.


What about using tags or custom fields? In calendar view would you be able to see the tag? what about timeline view?