Add Reports in Favorites



Hi everyone!!! I wonder how can I add a Report in Favorites.
I remember that I did before, but now I can’t.



At the top of the search results task list, click the Save Report button
Then click the Search Actions menu ("…") which is next to the Search Results page title.
In the menu, click Rename Search….

I just stumbled over this too the other day. What threw me was that the Rename Search… menu item doesn’t exist in the Search Actions menu until after your click Save Report.

Asana folks, perhaps the menu should include Save & Rename Report… until the first save is done to make this more discoverable, and fewer clicks. (Another options is making Rename Report… inactive until save, but if going this route a tooltip explaining how to activate it would also be needed and is more clunky I think.)

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Trilogi Software: Asana Consulting


Thanks Larry, as you said I can save the Report, and I want to see it on the go, I mean, in my devices (cel phone or table) in my favorites section, otherwise I don’t know how get the Report.


Hi @lpb. I just install Asana2Go



Sorry, I didn’t realize you were talking about the mobile version; I see saved reports don’t appear for Android at least. Maybe request this in product feedback?

Thanks for installing Asana2Go!

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Trilogi Software: Asana Consulting


@GUSTAVO Your confusion is understandable as Favorites, Reports and Saved Searches have changed since last year. @Marie can confirm this but here is my understanding:
IOS Mobile App:

  1. If you create a saved search in Asana it will show up in Reports. On the mobile app both what you are thinking of as Favorites and Reports show under Projects on the left side as Favorites. The confusion is that the app often shows what we now know as reports to have a starr next to them.

  2. Prior to the adding of the reports section you use to be able to use the star on the name of a Saved Search to add to Favorites. Favorites no longer consist of Saved Searches but instead are made up of Projects that you have clicked the star to show in favorites. In addition under Favorites you will see projects that you most recently used as well as if you did an advanced search it will show as Search Results.

  3. If you save an Advanced Search, it will then show up under Reports. After you have saved it you can click the 3 little dots next to it to rename it.

  4. Both Favorites and Reports can be manually re-arranged.

  5. One other thing, sorting capabilities of projects are different than sorting capabilities of Searches.
    Advanced Search Sorting:

Project Sorting:

So in the end try to Save an Advance Search, rename it to your desire and it will show up as a Report. Favorites on web Asana are as described above but IOS app includes both Web Favorites and Web Reports under the tab Favorites. Others can be sure an weigh in if I have this wrong.


Thanks for the detailed explanations @James_Carl! This is all :100:% correct!


Thanks @James_Carl, I use Android, so the Android app includes only Web Favorites and NOT Web Reports under the tab Favorites.

Hi @Marie! do you know when the Android app it will be working as the IOs app for this case, I mean, include Reports in Favorites?