Asana & confluence integration


Hi there,
Our business use Atlassian Confluence mainly for collaboration purpose. Our marketing dept. just added Asana in order to manage our projects (love it!). However, I’m still trying to find the best integration for our tasks between the 2 applications.

We’ve added the “Asana for Confluence” feature, but it doesn’t seem that helpful to me: let’s say you are in a meeting (meeting notes: Confluence) and you assign a task to yourself, you have to open Asana 1st, generate the project and task in Asana, then get back to Confluence, paste the Asana Task link into your Confluence meeting note. Not that convenient…

Logic for me would be to take our meeting notes in Confluence with ability to create/push a project or task from Confluence into Asana. Then you work in Asana as soon as the meeting is over. I’ve checked Zapier, but Confluence is not available there.

Any idea?



Same issue here.
We would love to take meeting minutes in confluence and assign asana tasks without having to jump between applications.