Asana "Dark Mode" Color Option



What do you think of the Asana Team adding a dark mode theme?


That would be cool to have more themes in general. @Alexis even if Asana does not roll out new theme, any plan on allowing users to submit new themes?


You don’t need Asana for that, but native Asana support for the themes is welcome.

See for couple of dark themes already available:

The drawbacks are:

  • These themes require UserStyles browser addon
  • These themes can break occasionally due to Asana updating HTML of the app, and you’ll rely on 3rd party theme developer to update their theme in short time.


I would like to add my vote for a themes option. I find the light greys and low contrast very difficult to read and find myself leaning forward and squinting a lot to find something. Would really appreciate an option that was kinder to my poor eyesight.


Very cool!
I am concerned about the occasional glitches though…


An opt-in native dark theme would be an enormous improvement for those of us with contrast/vision sensitivities or those who are prone to headaches due to eye strain. Reading copy on white backgrounds is difficult for some and the resulting strain can make participating in this environment difficult.


You can use Flux to turn the screen into a yellowish color that does not aggress the eyes :wink:


I’m familiar with Flux… that approach is not the objective nor is it the effective remedy I am after. Thank you though.


I would really like dark theme! I don’t really care about theming as ability to have different, just one light and one dark. Most of the tools these days provide that.
As for the theme, I am using one from userstyles:
The colors are fine, but it keeps breaking because of asana changes.



I try to keep the userstyles theme up to date but it’s hard to catch changes before they affect end users.


I’ve just started using Asana and the first thing I looked for was a darker theme. I’m red/green colour blind and I’ve got that mode activated, but while I can see a little difference in appearance, the contrast between the white text and colours available is veeeeery low.

I’d love to see a 2px gap between the projects in the left menu as the colours blur together a bit.


Resurrecting an old post here. I’d like to add my vote to the need for a darker theme. 3rd party simply isn’t acceptable. The architecture is there, but I don’t want an image, just give me a darker grey background option instead of only white.


I find really important to have this option. It is essential to be able to work without hurting your eyes.


With Apple’s WWDC release of Dark mode through all of MacOS maybe it will inspire the Asana team ; )