Assignee field showing members from other private projects



I have one main implementation team and several projects within this team. Each project contains it’s own set of individual users from their respective groups. Both projects are private and when I’m in either project and I go to assign a user in a task, as soon as I start typing the suggestive list displays users and their email addresses from other projects. This is a big security concern since we’re not to keen on having our clients know that we also work with their competitors. Please address this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.


Hi @Petros_Martirosian and thanks for reaching out!

I believe you’re seeing all members for both private projects because you’re a member of both projects. However, if your colleagues have only be added to the project they should be working on, they should not be able to see each other in the Assignee drop-down menu!


Hello Marie and thank you for your reply.

I understand that that is the systems current behavior. We’re looking for an option to restrict displaying users outside of that project when clicking in the assign field. Is this possible?