Attaching Files from GSuites new Team Drive(s)


I can’t seem to attach any files from GSuite’s new Team Drive. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Thread Closure ? Attaching Files from GSuites new Team Drive(s)
Need Asana/Google access under Team Drives!

Thanks for reaching out! You may have third-party cookies blocked, which prevents Google Drive from attaching files in Asana. This setting can be found by going to Chrome Settings, searching for “cookies,” and selecting Content Settings (“Block third-party cookies” should not be checked).

If you have further questions about this, please us know and we’ll be happy to help.


Thanks for your reply Alexis but that’s not the problem. My settings are
correct. The only options I’m getting for attachments is from within
"MyDrive" the new Team Drives are not showing as an option at all. I can
attach any other file from GDrive, just not from the Team Drives


Hi Brian. Team Drive is actually something that hasn’t officially been built out yet, but our platform team is considering it if it continues to get traction. Glad to know this is something you’re interested in. In the meantime, I hope that you’ll find the existing attachment options useful. Please let us know if you have other questions.


Thanks Alexis. This will be important for us going forward as we have
adopted Team Drives now at our Org. We can get by for now by copying and
pasting the hyperlink of the doc into the task.

Glad to hear you are considering it as Google looks pretty focussed on Team
Drives now.



Hi Alexis. Are there any news regarding the support of Team Drives?


Hi there. While we are unable to commit to a timeline, our team is indeed aware of the request. For reference, after a request like this is prioritized, it usually takes a few months rather than a few weeks to implement. :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know, Alexis!



I wonder if this is something that Asana can prioritize a bit? Asana is all about working on projects and task management in teams, it seems that supporting Google’s Team Drives then makes a lot of sense? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, Jorgen. This request is going through our usual process and we’ll keep it in mind as we weigh this request against others. :slight_smile:


I’d just like to add to the list of Asana and Team Drive users hoping for integration soon. No pressure. Well maybe a little. :grin:

For everyone else in this thread, a workaround we’ve been doing is to attach a file while it’s still in My Drive, and only move it to a Team Drive afterwards. The link doesn’t change in the move so it doesn’t invalidate the attachment from within Asana. It’s more inconvenient for files that are already in a Team Drive. An admin has to move it out, attach it, then put it back. When we’re lazy we sometimes end up just adding a link in the comments, but then that won’t show up in the Files section.

That being said, it seems that it’s just the file picker that needs to be updated to display Team Drives since the files themselves aren’t off-limits. I don’t want to assume that that’s easy for the Asana team to do or even if Google already allows 3rd parties to do it, but I really hope the implementation isn’t too far off.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I would second the prioritization :wink:


We also need This ASAP. Thanks for the workaround idea.


We also need this ASAP in order to continue to use Asana.


Hello from Asana :wave:

Currently, the Google Picker API doesn’t support Team Drives. Essentially, API functionality we would use to connect Asana to Team Drives doesn’t currently exist on the Google side. We don’t currently have an ETA from Google on when this will be available, but we are keeping close eyes on it – we’d love to have a full complement of file options to meet all of your needs! Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


Just commenting to encourage GSuite with Team Drives. The Team Drive will become the norm after Jan 2018. Some of us are early adopter.


Thanks @Sara for your update! We appreciate anything you all can do to provide this functionality, as Asana is meant for working and organizing among teams, it makes most sense to provide access to Team Drive attachments.

It would also be appreciated if, in the interim, links can be attached to words much like you would do in a Google Doc or email, instead of just pasting the entire link into the body of text. I hope this makes sense on your end.

Thank you!


I’m just posting to add my voice to the list of people who would like this implemented. I’m not expecting it immediately by any means, but every vote counts right?


Pretty much just echoing everything from above. Our org is committed to Team Drives to the extent that we just did a migration from Egnyte and are decomming Egnyte this month. If none of the stuff natively created in G Team drive is able to be attached to Asana tasks, that’s gonna make it tough for me to use Asana.


Eric, In the interim you can post the hyperlink to the document you want
instead of attaching. That’s how I’ve been working around this…