[BUG] Guest User auto insertion



Some days ago I removed a guest user from a project.
Today I tried to readd him.

  • I clicked on “+” on team project
  • I inserted email
  • I stopped what I was doing and I closed the window (without submit the insertion)

Now I check that this deleted user has been added as “guest user”.

It’s a bug!


@Riccardo_Mares I’m not clear on the problem. You say you removed the guest user and now he’s been added as a guest user again. What were you trying to do that you couldn’t achieve?

  1. I completely removed the user (some weeks ago) “xxx”
  2. I opened the add member window
  3. I writed the email of the ex member on “Add Project Mambers”
  4. I clicked on share this project
  5. I didn’t click on “Add Member” because I decided to not add him anymore

So… formally I think I didn’t add the member.
But in the member list I’ve xxx like guest again.


Weird! I just tried this in one of my projects as a test but didn’t get the same result. I wonder if you could have accidentally hit enter. Or it could just be one-off.


@Riccardo_Mares hmm are you able to remove the person from the project?


User wasn’t in project.
It’s a guest member of my organization.

I don’t know how that user can read this project, that it’s setted “Public
to organization”.

Sorry but I repeat another time my drama: ASANA needs urgently an heave
user management improving.
Please check it:



Hi Riccardo - We can appreciate your frustration here. Thank you for pointing this out to us. Our team is aware of your feedback and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks again.