Change keyboard shortcut for new task creation from ↵ to ⇧+↵



This isn’t the first time I’ve become disappointed with your keyboard shortcut implementation, but I think this one is probably the more frustrating of my issues with it: pressing ↵ always creates a new task, even when this is clearly not the result a user expects from pressing the ↵ key. The result is all our projects teeming with empty tasks without owners. I swear this happens to me at least once every minute while working in Asana, and it looks like I’m not alone. Apparently, this has been around all the way since 2012 (based on this tweet). It’s really a shame it hasn’t been fixed / addressed in all that time.

Hijacking ↵ like this is really bad practice (maybe with the exception of chat applications, but even here most apps make this an opt-in feature only). ⇧+↵ would be a much more appropriate keyboard combination to use for this shortcut. Just as easy to use, but without the unintended side effects (thousands of empty tasks getting created and deleted). Alternatively, make this (or every) keyboard shortcut opt-in or toggleable between the ↵ and ⇧+↵ version.

When can we expect improvements on the keyboard shortcuts?

Enter After Task Entry = Blank Task - Any way to turn this off?

I think this is one of the best shortcut they have! Please do not change it :scream:


@Bastien_Siebman, please enlighten us as to how you avoid unintentionally creating thousands of empty tasks in your projects?

Nevertheless, none of the solutions I suggested was to just blatantly change the shortcut – either let the users that can somehow handle the misery of empty task hell, such as @Bastien_Siebman, actively opt in to using it, or provide the user with a toggle between enter and shift + enter and everyone will be happy.


I did not mean to be rude, very sorry if you took it that way. I am using this shortcut a lot, and I am using empty tasks a lot as well. Every section has basically an empty task before. I realized a while back thanks to this community that it was not common practice at all. What is the issue of having empty tasks in your case?

Customizing the shortcuts would be great, we have some of them unusable on French keyboard for example, so I :+1: your suggestion.


No worries man, I didn’t take your comment as an insult at all – I was just curious as to how people live with the “empty task” problem. :wink: Not sure I understand what mean with “empty task before”, though – would you mind clarifying? :thinking:

Yeah, I’m also using an international keyboard (swedish) and I saw you supported my issue there – thanks!


Here is an example

Without it, it is all cluttered in my opinion.


Are you saying you are using empty tasks as a separator to add padding before a new section? That’s not really relevant to the described issue, as I’m referring to unintentially creating “empty tasks” due to the clunky keyboard shortcut – that is, issues that you didn’t mean to create.


I do. Then my question is: after a few unintentional creation, people don’t get it and don’t stop using Enter? They are using Enter to “validate” the task in some way?


No, but 99% of the time, I only create one task at the time and the natural behaviour is the press enter in order to “submit” the task. However, this not only submits it, it creates another, empty task as well.


Any news reg. this?