Changing project from list view to board view



+1 for this feature.


I need to be able to see projects in both list and board views, but I am not having any success with the workaround. I’ve set up in list view with sections: To Do, In Progress, Follow up and Done, and set up the same columns for the board project. I can multiselect and get all the items to appear in the correct column initially, but any changes aren’t pulled through from one project to the other.
Any advice?


@Rachel_Yates are you referring to the workaround listed here?


I want to vote for this multiple times, because of how much I want this feature.

People in my organisation work in different ways. Some prefer lists, some the boards, and that preference can change depending on the context. Simply changing the view of the same data would be extremely valuable to us.


+1 to this feature


Hi Alexis, are there any news on developing a feature to switch boards to lists and vice versa? Do you know TASKWORLD ? They do that feature very well, but ASANA is much better overall. But would be really really great to implement that feature.


+1 here too


TeamworkPM has also a nice solution for that. But their IOS Apps are unusable, I want to stay at ASANA. Is there any roadmap for that feature?


@Dennis1 please refer to this #productfeedback thread for updates: Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)


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Any update to the feature request?


@Alexis - unfortunately the thread you are referring to is closed …


Hi Noemo - Yes, the thread was closed deliberately. We’re aware of the Community’s and your interest in this feature. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Asana.

This was listed as a task and an Asana rep stated it had been prioritized in March 2017. I’m pretty sure you don’t consider prioritized a feature that takes one year to do, so could you clarify please what it is from the below?

  1. The feature is not a priority. It may or may not be done at some point. Sorry
  2. It is a priority still, it slipped through the cracks and we are on it now
  3. We don’t want to do it, sorry.

Just an answer 1,2 or 3 would be fine - it is what it is, the community can only ask and then you decide. I have some projects I need to switch out and the workarounds are a bit funky.

thx :slight_smile:


Hi Jonathan - We appreciate your enthusiasm here! We aren’t able to provide specific details about Asana’s product roadmap. However, we are able to confirm that this is a request that the team is aware of and we’re balancing it alongside the other customer requests we’ve received. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with. Thanks!


Is there an update on a feature that auto converts from board to list? Seems as if there has been tremendous demand from the users for over a year.

Thanks a lot for listening to us


Hi George! Please refer to my previous comment ^^^