Changing project from list view to board view



Thanks for sharing Alexis.


Hi Alexis, i cannot understand why such a vital feature that a lot of your customers are asking for will not be implemented. Why ist Asana not able to say anything specifically about this? There are a lot of tools right now (with much less power than asana) that have made switching from board to list view very comfortable for example:

We really need that feature every day. Please Alexis, can you rout that request to anybody at Asana who is responible and is able to get us a detailed answer to that request.


+1 for this basic functionality!


Is there a way to toggle between viewing a project as a list? and viewing a project as a board? I started projects as a list and like that, but a coworker has started some as a board and likes that. It would be nice to be able to toggle back and forth. Thanks!


Hi Courtney,
At this time toggling between list and board is not available, but the product team is aware of the request. In the meantime, this post contains a workaround you may find helpful:



@John_Hung Thanks for telling me what I need to know. FINALLY! I think I would love boards as an option, but have been concerned that just starting my team in this system, that they haven’t been as perfected as the list version. I actually came to ASANA from a very brief introduction to task management through Trello. So my first inclination was to use the boards. Then I realized the things I think are better than trello are in the basic functionality. And because there are so many variables (especially for someone like me who is new to it all) -The boards seem to be the weakest link in both systems. I am approaching this from a general event and meeting task management, not writing code or being creative. Being a designer in my day job, I was drawn to the choices of boards. But being a task manager in this position, I think the list version will serve our group better. Anyone have another opinion, I’m all ears.


Hi Alexis,
Thanks for keeping us informed that Asana development team has this highly demanded feature down on their roadmap for ~1.5 years now!
Could you also share a hint if that will result in a usable feature in a month, in 3 months, in 6 months, ever?
I’m wondering how can I contribute to make the demand more visible. Is there a place I can vote?
Otherwise, I like Asana and I would recommend to other teams I’m working together as a freelancer. It has the foundation to become(!) a good advanced(!) task/project/program management tool. BUT those whom I recommended and then they evaluated decided to use other tools because of lack of this ‘minor’ switching functionality and e.g. simplicity of time tracking. For entry level it might suit well already.
Thanks again,


A feature like this would be required before my large organization could adopt ASANA. Please provide an update on when you think this will be available - is it on your development roadmap?


Hi folks! We hear you loud and clear. As indicated in the post linked above, while we are unable to share a specific timeline, this is something we’ve prioritized on our roadmap. Thank you for your enthusiasm!