Code snippets in Asana


This is my first Asana feature-request comment … I take it if I agree I should put “+1 on this”?

Definitely +1 on this! This is a feature all developers will benefit from.


+1 on this


We’re just reviewing Asana for our team. This is a must have.


+1 for Code with code


+1 for Code


+1 please!


Yes, please. it would be amazing

Monospace does help, a little bit, but it would be nice if the code block could at least have a slightly darker background, and if it had syntax hightlighting (using, for example, highlight.js it would allow us to discard other tools internally used by engineering teams.

Using the ``` syntax as in slack or discord would allow for further integrations with those chat systems and github issues and PR.

  • 1 on this!!!

PS - you actually have a “preformatted text” option in this comment text editor!!
Preformatted text!


+1 on this as well. Not just for code formatting but also for highlighting important log snippets when adding a comment.



The suggestions for backticks and triple backticks are definitely a big step forward in making Asana more Engineering friendly.


im considering moving my 200+ employees to Asana, but looking at all these small missing issues. im seriously worried now


+1 for Code!