Comment Editing



I’ve just checked that comments are become editable: good!
When someone edit a comment at the right of the comment date appears (edited).
I think it needs to add a classic “show difference”: someone may change important details and all the thread may lose its sense.



Awesome!!! I didn’t know this feature rolled out!


How that this is a feature, will it soon be rolled out to mobile?


I found it by chance.


ASANA has still published the “news header” to promote “comment edit” and “image paste” :wink:
But noone replied to us.


I know, @Riccardo_Mares!!! :wink: Where is the love @Alexis & @Maimoona_Block??? - all good fun! I love surprises! There is also something to be said for users active enough to notice something before the release is published to the blog, no? Give us a :+1: and we’ll call it even! #stayawesome


Yes! Comment editing is available!


What do you think about the “comment modification logs”, as I wrote in my original post?


I agree with the need for a “show difference”. I would also expand this to send an “Inbox” notification to the followers when comments are edited.

I might have already read, archived and taken action regarding a comment. If someone edits their previous comment, Asana currently does not notify the followers a comment has been edited. The edit to the comment could completely change the actions required.


Some news about “show difference”?


+1 We really need to be able to track comment edits. Most of the time this option will be used for typos and adding important info. What I would like to avoid is the option to modify information to “correct” mistakes when the user might be concealing an horrible mistake. As of now I mark my edits like this:


“This is a sample commment.”

After edited:

“This is a sample [comment].”
Edit: Typo


While You editining a comment and switch to another task your text is gone when You get back! It’s a nightmare! Why it is not stored somewhere just like a common comment, so You can get back to it later?


@Alexis we need a log of comment modifications!!! :wink: