Content calendar with boards - how to use templates across columns?


Hello! Looking for some help getting started creating my new content calendar using boards. Anyone out there want to walk/talk me through templates and board column suggestions? Many thanks!


HI @Alyssa_Walker- You can see an examples of a Board Content Calendar on the Guide here that shows the use of a board with columns for “Content Ideas”, “Drafting”, “In Review”, and “Completed”

You can also see an example of how New Relic manages creative content requests in a board inthe webinar @Alexis ran with them here. Hope this can get you started on ideas.


Thank you, @Kaitie ! I will take a look at the guide and the webinar. This is super helpful!


Hi Kaitie, I read and watched everything and understand it all conceptually. I need help pulling this together, especially with creating dependent tasks within the board. I want to be able to move a task from one column to the other without having to assign to the same people in each column every time. How do I do that? Many thanks, Alyssa