Copy a task in IOS



Hi. How do I copy a task with the IOS app?

Copy tasks within iOS app?

Hi @Casting - At this time it is not possible to copy a task with iOS. We’re working on growing to feature parity with the desktop app but it’s still a work in progress. :innocent: For an outline of full task features in iOS, take a look at this Guide article and the general iOS section of the Guide.


I’m super surprised this can’t already be done in the app. This functionality is really important to the way I’m using Asana right now!!


Hi there,

Is there a way to copy tasks from the iOS app like I can when using my desktop? Thanks!


Hey @Jared_Stein

At the moment this isn’t possible via our mobile app just yet, though I’ve recorded your feedback for our team to consider for future updates!


Hey guys, just merging this thread with an existing one to avoid having too many duplicates! :wink:


Hi Marie, have you guys have any progress with copying tasks on iOS?


Not just yet @Sam_Perrett, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!


That would be great! Thank you