CSV Importer Now Available


Another flaw with Tags. I’ve applied a tag to a sub task within a project I’ve then reported on all tasks with that tag.

The sub task gets reported as being outside of the Project as a No Project. That does not show the true position a sub tasks is still part of the main project. In this case the Tag was ‘Key Milestone’ to mallow us to monitor these across the Programme. Showing it outside of it’s Project is misleading. Is this known and can this be corrected?


+1 on subtasks! This would be insanely usable for us with subtasks, but not usable for our needs without.


+1 on subtasks! It will be really efficient. I hope there will be an update for it.


+1 on subtasks! This would make the CSV import truly powerful.


The CSV concept is awesome and will save heaps of time. Did a test run using the csv template creatd by asana when it exports. Couple of things that came up.

  1. Doesn’t check for duplication, even if the csv I’m importing has the correct taskid (if using templates and you just want to add subtasks this is important)
  2. Doesn’t recognise the Parent Task field, so therefore can import a Task with series of subtasks which is great for content creation from brainstorming sessions
  3. Doesn’t import some of the standard FREE fields like Tags, Start Dates, Notes etc

This service is awesome to start something fresh but to add to things like maybe a content calendar where the tasks have a subtask list it is very limiting…