Custom Fields in Boards



I’m also super interested in having Custom Fields appear within boards and, to be honest, it would be even nicer if we could use custom fields to create boards. For example, we have a ‘status’ custom field that contains: ‘new’, ‘in-progress’, ‘code review’, ‘qa’, ‘qa passed’, ‘pending release’, ‘released’. Currently we mirror these status states in our boards, but it would be so much nicer if we could simply create boards based on the custom field.


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Just copy Trello on this! They have it on point. You can have custom fields show on the field show on the card with a simple check box when you define the field.


+1 for this.

Also, it would be nice to have a preview of the amount of Subtasks inside a card. The current card doesn’t show enough hints as to what it contains before interacting with it.

Any development on this feature request?


Hi there! We aren’t able to share an update at this time, but we’re aware of the request.


I note you indicate tags are visible in board view but all i can see is a coloured bar and not the wording of the tag. It would be very helpful if the full tag wording would appear on the Board as well.


As a first step, our team would LOVE the option to select both columns and rows (“swim lanes”) based on any of our custom tags. Such as status automatically mapping to each column on the kanban and priority being the vertical rows. Or we could quickly swap the rows out for assignee, which would let us quickly drag and drop between assignee while also seeing how is swamped and who is thin on work.

Why doesn’t this already exist? You’re 99% of the way to making this flexibility possible!


It would be cool to see a progress bar of subtasks completed (like percentage of 75% complete) or a preview of subtasks in the card.


+1 for more flexible boards!


Custom fields are a great way to categorise different stages of a task (ie product stages of: idea, research, copy, design, development etc…). To have an overview, however, of all tasks within a custom field stage, I have bookmarked custom searches for each stage which I can spread across browser tabs.

Would be awesome to create a board where columns represent each value of a custom field.

Since project subtitles don’t show up in task list then current option to create a board and distribute tasks in subtitle columns instead is not a good alternative.


Yes, yes, yes - please! Having the lanes on a board be tied to a custom field and then updating that field as you drag the task to another lane would be HUGE and is how alot of other tools work. It would also be great to easily switch which custom field is being used for the lanes so that you can look at your board in multiple ways quickly. Smartsheets has a kanban feature that works this way and it is great.


I am looking for a better view in boards, to see the custom fields to be displayed on the boards? Is there a way to get there? please assist.


Hi @Vijay_Chinnaraj, check out Terri’s answer about custom fields in boards:


Hi folks! Our research team is interested in your reactions to some designs we’ve got for showing custom fields on cards in Boards. Fill out this survey to be considered. They’ll be in touch by 5/28 if you’re a fit for this project.

Custom Fields in Boards

Thanks for the heads up Alexis. Survey complete. Keen to get involved :wink:


Is there a rough ETA on this feature?


Hi Gabor - we’re not able to give a timeline at this time. If you’d like more information about how these requests are prioritized, I recommend you take a look at this post :slight_smile:


Hi Vijay,

Do you know if this feature is available, adding custom tags to the preview pane?



Any solution to this yet?


Hi Tenia,

Yes you can add tags for your tasks on board view