Custom fields.. where?


Hello! I am currently in Premium trial and wanting to utilise the Custom Field feature against my Projects. However I cannot find this option. The help guides seem to be in what seems like an older version of Asana and references “Project Actions” in a dropdown next to the project name. If I select what now seems to be the “Project Actions” (the 3 dots), there is no “Manage Custom Fields” option.

I assume maybe the Premium trial doesnt allow for this feature to be used and that is why I cannot see it? (Even though it states here “Custom Fields” should be available -

Any help would be great!



You’re correct about the older version in the Guide. Custom Fields are now found in the Change View menu here:

And the feature is available in your Premium trial (but not for Guests, just Members; Guests can only value Custom Fields, not create/edit/delete them).

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software


Hi Larry,

Thanks for the response! As that change view option is only available in a Project as “List” layout, does that mean custom fields cannot be added for Projects as “Board” layout?



Hi @JamieZ! Apologies for the trouble here; you’re right, we have recently made some layout changes, and our Guide articles haven’t yet been all updated. You should now find the “Manage Custom Fields” option in the 3 dots menu next to your project title:

If you can’t see this option, it’s most likely because you’re a Guest of the Org/WS this project is located in; only full members have access to the “Manage Custom Fields” option.

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions! :slight_smile:


Ah great thank you. Must be down to my permissions. Do I need to be an Admin of the team the project is in to be able to manage custom fields?



No @JamieZ, you just need to be a full member of the Org (= not a Guest :slight_smile:


Ah thanks for clarification Marie.