Custom Tag Color


Is there a way to set my own tag colors? I’ve run out of tag colors that they’ve pre-built in, so I’d like to add more tag colors via a Hex Code. Also, how do I make sure my first tag is the main color that appears on the calendar?

More custom field colors please!

Hey @Betsy_Donohue

At the moment there is no way to set custom colors for your Tags; only the ones we have listed so far.

Its a great idea though. I recommend posting this request in our “Product Feedback” channel at the following link: h

See you there!


I took the liberty to move the post to Product Feedbacks so other Community members can vote for this great idea!


:ok_hand: Great idea @Bastien_Siebman! :ok_hand:


Have custom colors become an option yet?


No April not yet