Due by times vs perform task at a time feature request



The current set up for setting a due time is awesome, but could definitely benefit from a small upgrade. As a web production position, I have some tasks that require to be done exactly at a certain time (i.e. opening course registration, launching a product, something for an event, etc.), whereas other tasks I can have them be due by a certain time (which is the current Asana feature).

It would be great if Asana could add something like “Perform task at: Xam/pm” in addition to keeping the “Due time: Xam/pm”, or maybe even adding the word “by” to create “Due by time.”

This current “Due time” is really led by assumption of the task Assignee, but it’s difficult to know the difference when there are multiple tasks all with different due by/due on times. Which then requires me to go back to the task Assigner and ask more questions, tying up the production process.

If there was a chance to get really fancy, I would also suggest adding a drop-down list to create more options for the word “due.” Such as, “Send,” “Create,” “Delete,” etc…