Egnyte Integration



Egnyte is a satisified Asana customer. We use Asana across many of our internal teams for project and task tracking and we’d find tremendous value in being able to access our Egnyte files from within the Asana Web UI.


Yeah this would be great, Egnyte being the Enterprise cloud file system this would be a perfect fit for Asana!



Please add this!


Hi @Tom_Bingham! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. This helps us continue to expand Asana and learn the needs of our customers :).


Yes please! This is a much needed addition.



We at Benchmark Genetics are using Egnyte as our storing/file sharing system and are using Asana as our project management tool thus we would appreciate this integration very much.


Yes Please… Both Asana & Egnyte are great applications and together would be perfect…