Feature Request - Collapsing/folder-like sections


I (and many of my team members) have several different overarching responsibilities, and many tasks and milestones that fall beneath each. We would LOVE to have a feature that allows us to collapse the tasks in each section, like how folders on a network operate, so we can concentrate on one section of our tasks at a time and make it easier to see everything we’re working on instead of scrolling and scrolling through sections/tasks to get to the one at the bottom. Make sense?

Feature request: Collapsible Sections
Sections View on Project List
Sections View on Project List

Thanks for your feedback @JenBr! The “My task” sections (Today, Tomorrow and Later) are already collapsible, and I find it extremely handy! I’ll make a note of your feedback to our Product Team for future improvements. Thanks again for sharing your idea with us! :slight_smile:


Hi @JenBr

This sounds like a great idea!

To echo what @Marie recommended, this option is already available within the Today/Tomorrow/Later categories in your “My Tasks” section.

I have included a screenshot of the keyboard shortcuts for each category below.

That said, I do think this is a great idea for sections in all our Asana spaces; thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


I think a useful feature would be to allow sections to be expanded and collapsed as required.


Hello community users!
I am a heavy user of custom fields but even with its amazing functionality, I still use the sections on the project list because it makes my project looks a bit more tidy.
Some of the project have lots of main tasks under them and thus prolonging the view.

What do you think if there is an option where the section has a little arrow next to it and we can expand and collapse the tasks under the section?


It makes sense!
like with subtasks appearing in project list and be collapsible, sections should be collapsible


Yeah, it would be great to have that expand/collapse for SECTION in PROJECT view, not just MY TASK view.


yes we need this. Today Upcoming and Later are not enough. Would really love to be able to have collapsible sections within them. And also when in project view.