Feature Request: Filter Board by assigned user




I love the Boards project type and use it regularly in out dev team.
But it is getting harder to use is with bigger team, there is so many tasks that assigned users cannot see them.
One nice feature that would make them even more useful would be the ability to filter tasks by assigned user with current logged user.


Board View - filter by team member
View custom fields in iOS & Android (Board & List)

Filtering by tags would be very useful as well (would help filtering by Project, plateform (mobile, web, etc.)…)

View custom fields in iOS & Android (Board & List)

Yes +1 on the feature request.

If I remember well the video demo from Microsoft Planner, it looks like they were offering this feature. I hope Asana will offer that as well.


+1 on this as well. Loving boards and this would really help my team.


+1! We cannot use boards if every dev cannot see only assigneed tasks.


Filter by tags, projects and assigned users is a very useful (and a must-be-basic) feature for board views.

Custom fields is not a solution as we are using board view as a secondary view for multiple list type projects’s tasks to see on what projects the team is working on (backlog, in progress, on review). Now each team member has it’s own backlog column but it’s not a solution.


Would really love to see this feature.
The lack of this feature is the only reason I am still searching for a better tool.
To be able to slice and dice in the board view and filter out the exact view you need for the moment is essential to make the tool work.


Totally agree. Need this feature!


Look into Trello if you want a more powerful board style project management app. I use both Asana and Trello because of this, since some projects require lots of contextual filtering which Asana can’t offer. On the flip side, Asana is much better at managing bulk actions because of the list view and the ability to have tasks across different projects, which Trello does not have.

Hopefully they inch closer to matching Trello’s more powerful board features, this would likely put them ahead in that area.


Agree with the above. Copy what Trello does well. Now I need to use two tools which feels annoying when Asana has so much else to offer.


Agree. I want and need the same feature; to be able to filter the Board view to only my tasks.


It’s really frustrating to have a board view and 10 people trying to find their tasks. How hard can it be to filter on user and stay with the board? :slight_smile:
Would help a lot!


At foursquare we wanted this so bad we wrote our own chrome plugin to get this feature.

Ideal would be a generic filter for asignee/tag/custom fields. you have this functionality already in your search, but it restructures the results into a list format which is not useful.


I was thinking if doing just that. Is the chrome extension your team built available online? Or is it internal only?
We would love to use it at our company if it’s published to the chrome store!