Feature Request: Indicate/ Edit MyTasks section from the Task Detail Page



I use the MyTasks view all day long. When I open a task detail frame from the MyTasks view, the ONE piece of information I most want to see and edit is which of the MyTasks sections (New, Today, Upcomming, Later) the task is currently in. The ONLY way to know is find the task in the MyTask view. I can modify a task’se section with the hotkeys, but I have no visual indicator what’s going on.

The new Task Detail pane is nice. There’s plenty of space next to the “Assigned To” and “Date” bubbles along the top of the task. Put it there, to the right of “Date”.


The indicator for what section of My Tasks a Task is in does exist.

The icon that appears next to a task’s name is different in each section. The icon will appear as:

A blue circle in New Tasks
A calendar with a star in Today
A white circle with an outline in Upcoming
A file cabinet in Later

These icons also appear next to the assignee.