Feature Request: Notification Quiet Times



I would like to see a Notifications Quiet Times feature added to Asana. This has been suggested before and didn’t get traction. I’m hoping this one will get traction because this feature is greatly needed.

Specifically, I would like to see the ability to set working hours, per user, where notifications are sent via email and/or push notification. Outside of those hours, notifications go to the Inbox only. The feature should also honor vacation/away schedules.

Many of our users (myself included) shy away from using Asana at night or on weekends for fear of unnecessarily bothering their teammates with notifications. Adding “Quiet times” would eliminate this and make us more productive Asana users.

(Similar threads for the idea: Too many notifications on Android & Feature Request: Disable mobile notifications when vacation status is enabled)


I second this feature request! I also have trouble using Asana at night or outside of work hours because I don’t want to bother coworkers.

I used to use Basecamp, which had the feature to set notifications only during certain hours. This was very helpful.

Can you let us know the status of this request?