Feature request: show subtasks in lists



Adding my support for a nested, indented, collapsible list of subtasks similar to @Mike_Hoefer’s mockup .


+1 it would make the list more comfortable


Just an example I posted also in a different thread. It’s a part of an event project task list:


One step better than my mock up!

Looking at your line item “Location” are you suggesting that “sections” be collapsible as well? It’s something that has crossed my mind for sure. (I’m assuming it is a section as it has no “checkbox” associated with it.


Hi Mike,
In the program I pasted from (ToDoist) the user has two choices for treating parent tasks:

Choice 1: You leave the parent task as task (with a checkbox). Subtasks can be added under it and the section is fully collapsible. Marking subtasks as “completed” has no effect on the parent task. Marking the parent task as completed, however, makes all subtasks automatically completed. If one of the subtasks is then uncompleted, the parent task is marked also as not completed.

Choice 2: You end the name of the task with a semicolon (like in Asana). Then, the parent task loses its checkbox and becomes a simple section title. Completing the subtasks has no effect on the title (it’s still sitting there). There is no way to mark the titile as completed.

I made a short video: Video Task List


Great suggestions. I would also like to be able to see whether a Subtask has Notes / Comments attached from the list view, and how many, without having to click or tab-arrow to see the subtask details.


Yes, you are definitely right. When you look at a task you should somehow be made aware that there is more to it than what you see (description, comments, etc.) Right now, it’s like guessing game.


Do you guys know about WorkFlowy?

I love the very simple and fast tab/shift-tab method for list indentation…from a task context this could indicate task/sub-task hierarchy and/or dependencies.

Asana is still my much-preferred tool for social work tracking. However, there is something super compelling about the powerful minimalism of WorkFlowy.

I’d pay to see an Asana + WorkFlowy love child.


Requesting to see tasks below subtasks…times 1,000,000.


Adding my support for a nested, indented, collapsible list of subtasks


Lacking this feature is a major shortfall in asana and is the main reason I am hesitating to commit to a full year payment (paying monthly hoping this will get fixed soon or I find a better alternative!)

As it stands I keep checking on Instagantt to have an over view of my task and subtasks , without that I will be quite lost. Managing subtasks is a task on its own!. The least that could be done is to indicate that a task has subtasks , Please fix this.


…i’m commenting to say yes! I like @Nikolas_Tilaveridis mockup.

I was just moving my weekly planning over from a manual process in Evernote (clunky) because I want to use asana more for myself and for a team. So my weekly process has lots of headings and fully expanded it is a monster - but I started simply nesting the tasks as subtasks instead to make the full list more manageable – but with @Nikolas_Tilaveridis and the other suggestions here, I would be able to expand and contract sections as I’m reviewing or as needed. Love it


I’d like to add support for Asana to allow us to see subtasks in the main list and automatically nested within a parent project.

I see you can manually add a subtask to a parent task but two things with that:

  • It isn’t listed as a nested item.

  • And why is it manual? If we add a subtask within a project, it’s logical it would be listed under that project.


Yes! Yes! Yes! to Expandable Subtasks!!!


@Alexis May I ask, any update on this request?
What do Asana teams think of this request? Priority? / Nice to have? / Save it for later?

For me, the combination of Asana and Workflowy is a heaven.


Hi @Vib_Wor - we’re not able to provide updates on timelines, but we can assure you our product team is aware of the request. Thanks!


Was hoping to move our company and client projects to Asana. However, the ability to view subtasks under their parent tasks in a simple visually pleasing manner is a deal breaker.

Let me know once you have this fixed.

BTW I tried the advanced search, and it doesn’t cut it.




@Alexis , this has been asked in a number of feature requests and is sowing confusion for many of us. This was a weird UX decision. Do you also believe we should see this implemented? Thanks


Hi Thierry,

I hear you. That said, I’m unable to speak to feature timelines at this time. If you’d like to learn how we engage with product feedback in the Community, I recommend that you visit this thread:



@Alexis, Thanks for merging requests. I believe this one is for that feature as well:

Thanks again