Feature Requests - Hide Completed Subtasks or Move to Bottom


I make videos, and when I’m incorporating a lot of revisions I’ll add them all as subtasks to a “Do Revisions Task.” Quick to add, easy to find.

But as I complete them, I find to click Load More Subtasks to see the tasks I haven’t completed, while all the visible-by-default tasks at the top are completed tasks I don’t need to think about anymore.

I don’t like deleting tasks, so I start playing a fun game where I grab all the completed tasks and drag them to the bottom out of my way, instead of working on my videos.

So here’s the feature request: Could there be a button or a profile setting to automatically hide completed subtasks or move them to the bottom?


it would be optimal to have it set on a project level, as the view of complete tasks.
It may be required for some projects, while it is a waste of time scrolling down for other projects.


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