Filtering Search Reports By Columns In 'Board' View Not Possible?



Why are sections (or columns) on ‘Board’ view not treated the same as sections on ‘Lists’? Seems like reports aren’t accurate because you can’t filter by sections in ‘Board’ view. There are some columns in ‘Board’ view that I don’t need included on my reports but there is no way exclude them. My team prefers ‘Board’ view but it seems like ‘List’ view is preferred by Asana.


It’s just that boards are new is all, they don’t feel new - but they are. Asana has had list view since inception, and board view for 6-9 months, so there’s a lot of functionality they’re still building out for Boards I’d wager.

There’s tons of threads/calls for more robust filtering options on boards here, so it’s definitely on their radar!

This is the first time I’ve seen the search issues it causes brought up, very important (perhaps more so than others!).


I agree, this filtering search by columns in Board proyects is very usefull if you want to see the project as List project.
I guess this is a easiest and quick fix than the switching projects between Board and List issue.


I need to be able to create reports of tasks we need board approval on before sending them into our kanban flow. I can’t do this right now because the board export doesn’t even show the column name on it. If they’d just include that it would be at least something I could use other than manually going through 100s of tasks on the board to find the ones I need to get approval on.