Having Collapsible Sections


the Sections are a great feature and can be even better if we were able to collapse the tasks underneath these headers

Collapse Section Headers
Collapse Section Headers

Rashad - I think this is a terrific idea and have suggested it multiple times to the development team. Hopefully more users will see the benefits and vote for this suggestion on the forum. It would make large projects much more manageable.


Wouldn’t it be nice if when we create Section Headers it make the tasks / sub-tasks listed under them collapsible.


So it is not collapsible now yet??I was searching for it.
I thought it is a no-brainer to do it that way. I hope the good and responsive people in Asana hear us!

We need a collapsible Section!!! Thank you!


This is a great idea! I’m going to tag @Alexis to get help get the word out!

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That would make a huge difference in product usability indeed.


Yes, make the whole asana hierarchy collapsible organisations> teams> workspaces> projects>tasks>sections>subtasks etc…

The navigation today in asana is not consequent and non intuitive!
Please make it straight forward!


Please do it! I need it very badly.


Agreed, found this thread when I thought this feature would be useful! Please add Asana team :slight_smile:


YES, would love this. Seems like it would be easy to implement. Minor request.