How can I create a master Timeline



Hi Guys, I love the new timeline feature. I would like to create a master timeline showing the work being done across projects. I am thinking of sharing tasks across projects and then, having the timeline in a master project reflect the overall picture. Is there is simpler way to do that? Looking for a company-level view of all initiatives without having to drill-down in each project.


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That’s a great question and you’re completely right @Steve_Valiquette, if you’re looking to use Timeline to view how several Projects are progressing together, we recommend that you create a “master” project to which you can multi-home ( key tasks from other Projects. This will allow you to get an overview of the major accomplishments (or blockers) across multiple Projects.


Thanks @Marie!


@Marie One more question. Suppose that I have many projects, each with tons of tasks. How could I carry over a single task representing the planned start and completion of each project on that master project/timeline? That way, I would see where each project fits without seeing all the details. I am trying to avoid having to convert tasks into subtasks. Thoughts?


@Steve_Valiquette in this case, I would recommend you to create an “overview” task in each of your projects with a start and a due date representing the start and the end of your respective projects. You can then create a brand new “overview project” and multihome ( only your “overview” tasks into this project. This will allow you to see an overview timeline of all your on-going projects and to anticipate any overlap! Hope this helps; as always let me know if you have any follwo-up questions! :slight_smile:


Is there a way I could automate the creation of such a task? Maybe through a template?


Hmm, I don’t not possible @Steve_Valiquette! @Bastien_Siebman can you think of a way to make this happen?


Except using a custom dev with the API, I don’t see…


Hello all!

I am a totally new user and I am very curious as is it possible somehow to see all of my projects tasks deadline in the same time, all together? :slight_smile:
I was reading and searching but I didn’t find that information or option yet. Please let me know if somebody know how to make it work.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Donat_Lanszki; Michael from Asana here.

I’m merging this question into a more appropriate thread to help keep out Community organized. That said, at the moment we do not have the ability to view all Tasks/Project deadlines in one place. The exception to this is your “My Tasks” list where all Tasks assigned to you will be shown.

We do have one workaround that isn’t perfect, but would allow you to view the Tasks of more than one Project into a a single space you can then view in Timeline mode.

I recommend creating a new master Project that will be home to all your Tasks from the Projects you wish to view in one place. Next multi-select ( the Tasks from the Projects you wish to view in one space, and multi-home( them into this single Project. Multi-homing these Tasks will add them to be viewed in your new Project. Once you click the timeline tab(, this will enable you to view all the Tasks, with due dates, to appear in one place.

It’s not perfect nor automatic, though should you need to see how the moving pieces of more than one Project in one space. Additionally the trouble with loading a single Project with so many Tasks is that it will significantly slow down the system and cause the system to lag. That said, this workaround could be quite useful for viewing the contents of 5 projects (or so) in one place should you need that kind of top down clarity.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi There,

Is it possible to see an overall view of all your projects in one Time Line view (this was actually the reason for us to go pro)




Hi @Joris_Woonmodule,

Glad to hear you’re interested in Timeline! At this time it is not possible to view timeline across multiple projects, however we’re prioritizing updates to Timeline in the coming months, so hold tight for what may be coming up. In the meantime, a workaround that I recommend is to multihome tasks from several projects into one “master” project. Then, you can view all tasks using the timeline feature in that master project.