How can I sync all asana tasks to my outlook calendar all at once



I have determined how I can sync on a per project basis, but desire to sync all tasks in Asana to Outlook all at once . Is this possible?


Hi @Gary_Yowell,
I believe @James_Carl will be able to assist you with your Outlook question!



Unfortunately I am focused on the creation of tasks from emails, I do not sync to Outlook Calendar or Outlook Tasks. I generally subscribe to Calendar items being events and not tasks but there certainly is room for different thoughts.


Thanks for your input @James_Carl! Helpful comment about syncing tasks to outlook calendar. With that @Gary_Yowell what are you hoping to achieve by syncing tasks to the calendar rather than events? Perhaps there’s something related we can do to support you.


Hi @Alexis - Thanks @James_Carl.

My ultimate goal is to directly sync all tasks onto an outlook calendar. Not necessarily on a one off basis, but literally everything we are placing into Asana syncing over to Outlook.

Thanks for your help.


Hi @Gary_Yowell,

At this time I believe we only offer a way to sync to outlook by project, tag, or my tasks. So, unless you’d like to add the same tag to all of your tasks somehow, you’ll have to sync project by project.

For more info, take a look at

Let us know if you have any other questions,