How to assign a sound to Asana's notifications on iOS


Hi everyone:

I’ve tried without any success to make my iPhone sound when I get an Asana notification. I just get a notification on screen, but the phone neither vibrates nor sounds.
I have an iPhone SE with iOS 10.3.3

Any help?

Thank you all.


Hi @Ing_Heber_Soltero. At this time we’re not able to assign a sound to Asana’s notifications on iOS. However, we do hear this request from time to time and we’ll keep in mind your suggestion as we move forward!



You might be able to create a work around with Zapier or IFTTT! You can set it to make a sound every time you get an email from Asana or something like that.


Ooh good call @Sara_Tall!


Yup, not bad, but I’m thinking in Asana as a replacement for email, so I was expecting to stop email sending, but I can’t do that while I don’t have audible notifications on the iPhone. I know… I know… it’s better Android, but what can I do? every member of the company was given an iPhone…


For me it would be nice to have sound notifications on iOS app and Safari on OS X too


Same as Heber_Soltero above. I’m looking for an audible sound when I receive an Asana notification. I’ve eliminated these notifications from my email, but now I keep missing them on my phone. I pick up my phone and it’s oops, this notification is 3 hours old!


The best solution so far is to buy an Android, yo can activate audible notifications, even have a special sound for Asana. :star_struck:


Hi! I’m getting no notifications about past due tasks. I am using an iPhone 7 app and all notification settings are turned on. Asana… community members… please help!!? I love asana


Hi @Shana_Mitchell - Just in case, have you taken a look at the Asana Guide article on notifications? You can confirm all of the notification settings you need in the badges and notifications section of this article:

For reference from the article -

If you have notifications for your iOS device turned on, you will receive push notifications for the following stories:

A task has been assigned to you
A task you’re assigned and/or following has a comment posted
A task you’re following is marked as complete
A task you’re assigned is due (sent around midnight on the day of the task’s due date)
A Conversation is posted in a Team or Workspace that you belong to

If you’ve ensured that all points listed in this article are set correctly, then please mention @Alexis to let me know there’s an issue and I’ll be happy to file a bug report.


Any updates on when we can add sound notifications on iOS11? This is a dealbreaker since we want to use your awesome product but we cant look at our mobile device all the time and I don’t want to turn on e-mail notifications. Cheers.


I do also think sound notfications are a must for some of us. Please deploy this feature and let the user decides