Introducing Asana Timeline: create and view project timelines



I’ve been waiting for this feature! Looking great so far. My biggest needs would be making the timeline view available for 1) advanced searches/reports, 2) My Tasks, and 3) tags. Basically it would it would really help my team to work cross-collaboratively if we had the option to see anything as a timeline view whenever possible :slight_smile:


I would also like to chime in that in the management team we absolutely need a bird’s eye view of all the projects in a single timeline. If the Timeline feature can deliver this, that will just make Asana a complete solution for planning.

Additionally, it would be excellent to have a single Timeline (combining multiple projects) that can show different levels of details. For example, project level, section level and task level.


Hi Alexis, we love timeline but also miss subtasks in Timeline. That would be a great update.


Hi @Alexis, My team and I are also big fans of the timeline view. I’ve even reorganized our ongoing projects to make use of this feature. I want to add another vote for subtasks being integrated in the timeline view. It seems like it would be ideal for projects like pipelines, product launches, or social media posts. This would also allow for more informed tracking when you look back at the finished work (the dashboard and exporting options are ideal for this, but limited to the project level.)

Thanks for the awesome feature!


Can’t you do this also with Asana? Creating a Gantt project then adding tasks from other projects to that one, then view its timeline?


Very much would love to see at least a ‘expand to view’ option. Very odd to have dependencies that don’t show.


Can Timeline be enabled to view all projects at one time?


Not at this time, but we’re glad to hear this is something you’re interested in!