Linked Dates (dependent Tasks)



Hi, I need to link all due-dates of the tasks and subtasks, to the startdate of the project, how can i do that?


So you want the due date for a task to be like “+2 days after the project start date”?


Yes Bastien, exactly that. I have the same project that begins each month and has a 8 month duration, the project has all it’s tasks depending on the starting date.

I want to duplicate it and just change the start date every month.


@bruno1 I am not aware how to do that inherently in Asana but why don’t you set up a CSV import and use date math in an Excel spreadsheet. There are plenty of Date commands that can even avoid weekends. Here is an example

Project Templates- Dynamic Due Dates (T+)

Ok, about the excel i know how to handle the dates, i didn’t know that i could import a project, or tasks from a csv file. How can i import? I didn’t find where i can import a CSV. Can u help me with this?


Nevermind @James_Carl, i found where it is, thank you for helping


Yeah, this’d be nice, but nope.

There’s a workaround to mass-adjust dates (something like sort a project by date, select a bunch of tasks, and hold tab or command or something and up/down to increment/decrement by day). Really hacky and of limited use, but it’s… something.