List in project headline


So I know how to make a project name, but I want to expand it to include multiple lines: For example, and this is all in the project name so that I don’t have to click into the project name to see the details:

Project name

  • area of focus A
  • area of focus B


What about using the project description?


@lw11 I am not sure that this can be achieved inside the description’s input. One possible alternative; Write the bullets as glyphs inside your text, eg: “• area of focus A • area of focus B” (without the quotes). This will give you the result showing in the following screenshot



sorry, how do I do this: I accidentally did it once and now I can only copy and paste the original to create more of the same:

it’s the 1-12 items, how to create that in the separate line?


@lw11 sorry but it’s not clear to me what you’re trying to achieve.
Do you want to have a project name or a task name with multiple rows?
Or are you trying to create separate tasks by copying-paste (from clipboard) multiple lines?


how do I have a list in the project name with multiple rows as pictured?


@lw11 your screenshot relates to a task, not a project, am I right?


yes, sorry. how do I have a list in a task, kinda like added a new paragraph to it?