Missing view options for Tasks Completed recently



Thank you all for your feedback! Our product team is aware of your thoughts on the subject and they’re evaluating possible solutions.


Hey guys,
I also need to second the request to return the “old” view configuration settings.

In our cases, we use projects where we like to visually see what has been completed during the past week.

Configuration was:

  • View All Tasks
  • View Incompleted from past 7 days

This has been highly productive for stand ups as well as for “project visitors” who immediately saw progress in the project.

I am currently using the “new/B” version and enjoy it from a UX perspective. But with regards to functionality, please add the ability to fully customize again.


I too would like to see this functionality restored. I give a weekly report of team status and rely on easily seeing what was completed in the last week in a given project.


I must also add my request to return this feature. I find that it is vital to get a view that includes recently completed tasks in order to track progress and see any tasks that people have accidentally marked as completed. Fortunately the view settings have persisted for projects before you have made this change but I cannot setup new projects with this view.


+1! I use this capability just like @Josh. See the screenshot below.


I’m missing it as well. It was a nice feature to keep track of daily/weekly productivity.


It seems to be an old discussion, but the feat keeps not being there.
One of many uses of the feature is that not all of the Asana users understand quite extensively Asana and all of it’s possibilities. For example, you can use Dashboards to have a picture of the project status. Or you can check you Inbox to see what’s new on the task you are following. But the average Asana user doesn’t. They may not even neatly understand the concept of being a “follower”. So, for the one in charge of the project managment and/or Asana workspace maintenance, being able to control what other sees is of uttermost importance. And making people see completed and incomplete task is a way to show everyone the project status, more effectively than through Project Status or Dashboards.
Other important use was in meetings were you want to review all the task pending and recently completed. If you are in a Scrum managed software project, recently could be less than a week. If you are in a waterfall managed engineering project, recently could be a year. So the feat was incredibly flexible, powerfull.
Please, we want it back!!!


+1 Asana, PLEASE bring back the ability to show incomplete and completed tasks (Today, Yesterday, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks) - I held a regular meeting that we had not had for a while and couldn’t review the completed tasks easily - very embarrassing.


+1 Asana, Please let us see incomplete tasks and recently completed tasks (ie last 3 days or last week) -


Hi Asana,

Seriously I want my recent completed task back! It’s super helpful for a scrum and weekly planning even in “My tasks”!

Could you clarify when you will return that?

Actually, this is the first time when I have been severely disappointed with your product.

Thank you in advance,
A team of 30 people in my company.


I also would like to see recently completed tasks. We are relatively new Asana users and although we didn’t use this feature before we would really benefit from having it available.

Alexis is there any resolution that has been discussed by the Asana team since your last post on June 16th?

Thank you


Hi @Brian_Sullivan - We have no update at this time. I recommend that you use the workarounds suggested by Lawrence here.

We hope this helps!


I noticed just this week that the Views behavior seems to have changed, and no longer allows a user to show tasks ‘Completed Since’ a certain date in a project. The help site does not seem to reflect this change. Is this functionality gone, or just moved somewhere? I really liked this function.


I have to totally agree with this one if it actually is taken out. I used the Completed Since quite a bit.


Thanks for this feedback! What you’re seeing is part of an a/b test. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We’ve heard a decent amount of feedback on this feature, which is super helpful for our product team as they determine their next steps.

If you’d like more information about this test, please visit this thread.

Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks!


While I appreciate the testing out of new features, it is problematic to
remove functionality without a workaround. The advanced search filters do
not maintain the sections within projects, and this ability to view a
limited number of recently completed tasks is a key part of our use case. I
was intending to train some new users next week and unsure now what to tell
them about the view options for projects. Can we at least get an indication
of when the AB test will be over?


Hi Ben,
Unfortunately we aren’t able to report a specific timeline. However, I’m happy to help you find a solution that will work for the group you’re training. It does sound like advanced search will accommodate the need for viewing incomplete tasks, however I’m interested in how you’re using sections and how we can get creative. Could you elaborate on how you’re using sections in this scenario? If you’re using Asana Premium, I often recommend that folks consider custom fields over sections for easier, more customized search results.
Thanks! Let’s see what we can do.


Hi Alexis - Basically, for our weekly one on one meetings, we have a
project to manage the agenda, with sections for what has been done in the
past week, and what is coming up, what is stuck. We show the items that
have been completed in the last week, so that we can review each of those,
along with the upcoming or unfinished tasks. We are not currently using
premium, but are likely to upgrade soon. We like sections in order to be
able to easily drag things around and reorder them.


Hi Ben - For clarification, you’ll still be able to view completed tasks using the current view.

Regarding your current sorting capabilities, I recommend that you keep a few browser tabs open and/or toggle between views when deciding which tasks to move around. I think you’ll find custom fields to be especially helpful in sorting scenarios moving forward.


Hi Alexis - I am aware that we can still see completed tasks, although the point of our one on one meetings is to review what was completed over the last week, and what is on deck for the coming week. The ‘Completed Since’ view option was really nice for that, because it would limit what we see to just the most recent completed items, and not clutter up the project with old stuff. Creating different views for those things would mean we would have to switch back and forth, and set them up individually for each user and their manager, rather than just using a common template. Is there any update as to when the old views options will return?