Missing view options for Tasks Completed recently



I’m in complete agreement with the level of frustration shown by other users in disabling what was a very useful feature - I’ve been using the ability to see tasks completed in the last week as a means of providing clients with project updates, and the removal has hampered this ability… I think the main thing I’m really not understanding is why you’d be removing features that were already there?

This is greatly hampering my workflow and will be a key factor in determining whether or not we continue to use Asana.


Chiming in to say the loss of the ‘within 1/2/3 weeks’ functionality is an excruciating functional degradation. It is a monumentally clear case of over-simplifying a UX refresh.

As for many others in this thread, being able to see recently completed—as opposed to the many years of completed—tasks in task lists is a vital day-to-day feature we rely on in our office. Without it, we am faced with either losing visibility on the work I and my team have been doing recently, or being lost in a sea of completed tasks. This change means spending far more time using Asana instead of getting work done, and missing tasks that need attention.

Honestly, (and I say this realizing the cliche of ill-tempered users it represents) this change is enough to consider using another tool. We’ve been using Asana happily for years, but this is truly that impactful. Please take this matter back to the product team and impress on them the severe impact is is having on some of your users.


Happy to say that after debugging the Asana app, I found the underlying functionality still exists, and I am able to manually revert my app settings by manipulating variables in the debugger as the grid view state is updated. Obviously, opening up devtools every time I want to adjust my lists views is not a suitable long-term solution, but it does tell me that adding the functionality back would be a trivial engineering exercise; so this comes down to a conscious choice on the part of the product team. Again, please reconsider your position on this.


Totally agree. Removing that was very lame.


I can not believe you’re not talking about bringing the functionality back after so many users complained. Asana was the best tool for me, even with that mediocre mobile application I loved it and recommended to whoever I could, but after removing important feature like this and not giving a damn about your users I have to look elsewhere. It’s a shame.


I agree with all those who have posted requesting this “custom view” feature back. We use Asana for architecture projects that can have hundreds of tasks, so the All Tasks view isn’t that useful. Seeing recently completed tasks was extremely helpful to understand what’s been done today, and also a good motivator to see when I’ve had a productive day (i.e. lots of completed tasks today).

This decision to take this feature out really impairs usability for our staff (and apparently also for a number of others here) and I’m sorry to say that I’m not seeing the upside.


@Alexis It has been almost three weeks since your last note on this topic, saying “no plans to bring back this functionality”.

Some observations:

  • Users continue to find this thread and share their displeasure with the change.
  • By my count 37 people have now taken the time to tell you this decision has profoundly impacted the way they use your product.
  • This thread has the most comments of all the posts in your “Product Feedback” category (aside from a monster “wishlist” thread)
  • Asana’s stated goal is to “…help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly”. This change increases effort for many of us.

At the very least, can your product team articulate a clear reason to support the decision to abandon this functionality? Better yet—again—please reconsider, and quickly! :slight_smile: As it is, the company position comes off as callous and indifferent to its user-base (despite your personal engagement in these forums, Alexis).

Finally, here is a quick mockup of how you might incorporate this back into your new, simpler design.



Hi @David_Twist. Thanks for your thoughts. The product team is aware of your concerns and has taken into account the needs of the customer base as a whole. I’ll refer you to this existing post on the reason to adopt new functionality.

Thanks for understanding!


That’s it…no plans to bring it back just because of a “visual update to project headers”? Lame.


is there a way for me to view completed tasks (for period of time) by team member? I’d like to be able to see which tasks my assistant has completed over the last month


Yup! Instructions here https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/search


Alexis -
Please add this simple function back in. These new in instructions are ridiculous for a search that was so easy for everyone to utilize. Thanks.

M Lane


I’m missing this functionality too! Please get it back!


Hi @Alexis, Thanks for the reply; I’ve not had time to reply again until today.

You do not have my understanding; not even close. Nor many others of your customer base, obviously. This obstinate response is incredibly frustrating.

The change being requested does not require a significant amount of engineering effort, since the underlying functionality already exists. If the product team fears that bringing these filtering options back would be burdensome for “the user base as a whole”, then run another A/B test.

The test you ran previously didn’t just remove functionality, it also introduced a whole new interface, meaning it is statistically worthless to conclude the removal of filtering options itself improved your test metric. FWIW, I would say the new interface is cleaner, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that it was well-received as a whole.

Run a test that isolates this one piece of functionality and see if adding it back truly impacts users negatively. Please, for the love of all that is good and merciful!


Hi @Alexis. I also have to join in on this thread and express how much of a setback this lost feature is for our team. Our entire company is now considering switching to a different product because of this UX disruption. We are really disappointed that you said Asana has no plans to consider adding this feature back especially considering it was removed based on a “visual update”. Based on the comments and suggestions in this thread I’m not sure you and your team understand how and why your customers use and need this feature.

Our team has always set our projects to show- “all incomplete tasks” and “tasks completed in the last 1 week”. We set this as the default view for everyone in every project. This allows for many things…

  • Anyone in the company can go to a project and see what people are currently working on while simultaneously seeing what they have completed in the last week.
  • Great way for a manager checking on their employees’ recent work.
  • Seeing recently completed tasks next to incomplete tasks also encourages employees by reminding them what they have recently completed.
  • It also allows anyone to easily “uncomplete” a task if a change has to be made shortly after completion (we often have changes that need to be made to graphics even after completion).

Asking every employee in our company to setup custom searches and move between projects and saved searches does not solve this problem at all. This actually creates a second problem and is too confusing for non-technical employees. This is not an acceptable workaround.

We do not need to see or search for completed tasks. We need to simultaneously see incomplete tasks, with tasks that have recently been completed– meaning we can see what’s currently being worked on and what recently been worked on. The ability to see these two things simultaneously (without seeing ALL completed tasks) is what has been lost for my team.

I really hope you take the time to see how your suggested workaround is not a viable solution. I really don’t want to switch to a new product but you guys have taken away a crucial part of Asana’s UX from us.

Please please please listen to your customers and reconsider this.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I agree with @Adam_Sabla, @Addison and others on this.
One use case I can offer is that I used to keep the said view(all incomplete + completed yesterday/last week) as the default view of some projects. That was the best way to see the right summary that tells ‘what is going on currently’ in that it includes what was ‘recently completed’ and of course what is incomplete right now. I wouldn’t want to do multiple advanced searches to find this everytime, it’s so common that I had it set as the default view of the project.
Can I opt-in to this feature again?


Unfortunately I’m now also on the “bad” side of the a/b test… We definitely need the completed since option back. The number in brackets was a “hack” and is removed, that is ok and we can use the custom fields to replace this, but this is a feature that’s been used for a long time by many people.

A/B tests should be to test new features whether a or b should become the standard, not so fitting for replacing old features… A better solution would’ve been to put a tracker in the feature and monitor how often it’s been used.


Just to re-iterate the pain this simplification has caused. I kept waiting, hoping that enough of the feedback from everyone else would convince the product team to switch back. Given they haven’t, let me weigh in.

We use the intermixing of incomplete and recently completed tasks (generally 1 week), in most our asana projects. For example, for our agenda projects, we do this so we can see the completed tasks, in case we need to reference it after we checked it off. Now, it requires quite a few more clicks. And it makes us hesitant to mark things as done as we are really really sure.

Not a good UX. Creating coginitive and emotional reticence to use the product.


Our team is really missing this feature as well. We use Asana during weekly meetings, and we used to be able to view tasks completed in the last week alongside upcoming tasks in the same view. To be clear, I’m not looking for suggestions (I’ve read everything above) - just chiming in to let you know another user would really benefit from a return of this functionality.


My use cases are (now were :/) for both team meeting reviews, and honestly a preferred personal view to keep in sight at the same time both the near-term future but also the near-term past.

I am quite frustrated with this loss of this ability.