More filters in the board view (users, custom fields ...) like in list view?




Thanks for Asana, being able to have the same task in several board is very handy in Agile, so you can organize your Backlog in a board and send some tasks to another Sprint board (todo / Wip / done).

Some features are missing however:
There are very few filters in the board view, much less than in the list view.
It lacks the basics: sorts by user, sorts by custom field, and some others like due date, create by…
In the future, it would also be nice to be able to mix several filters and save them.

Some bugs too I spot :
In list view when renaming a section it becomes a task
In the Gantt Timeline view, if you have more than one custom field you can’t define which field defined the color, it’s the one that will be filled in first that defines the color.

Thx :sunny: !



I believe I have the answer to one small part of your post.

Sections are really just Tasks with a colon at the end of the Task name. If you rename a Section be sure to keep the colon.


Hi Vince,

Thx for the tips ! What about ability to filter boards ?



I can’t help you much with boards. I believe Asana lists are better than boards, and without the ability to switch a Project between the two I avoid boards.

Todd goes into detail about the pros and cons of the two options here.


As a user who is currently using a Board view to handle a product backlog across a remote team, I want to vote for this request 10 times over.

It would be so nice if we could filter cards on the board view by:

  • tag
  • assignee
  • custom field

For example, here’s a workflow. We’re creating a card for an Epic and then associating all the stories with that epic by using a tag. I would really love to only see that epic on the board by filtering by that tag.

Not being able to control the views makes using the board a lot less useful.

An example of this type of behavior working really well is Zenhub in Github. They can filter a board by an epic and only see issues associated with that epic. That is a very desired behavior, and I wish Asana supported that.