Move task from new to today if due date is set to today


It would be a nice if a task moved automatically from “New Tasks” to “Today” when a user sets a due date of today. If the due date is today, shouldn’t it be in the today section of “my tasks”?

This would be another addition to task promotion. You already promote tasks out of Later and Upcoming. You should also “promote” them out of “new” when the due date is today.


@Matt_Eggers I believe the rational behind why it is in New Tasks not directly in Today. Is that whenever a new tasks is assigned to you either by yourself or by someone else regardless if there is a Due Date or not on it, it will appear in your New Task section so that you can review and accept that this is a task that you are willing to take on.

It gives you the opportunity to go back to the person who assigned you the task and say hey I can’t do that today as it is not a priority item for me…

Hope that helps.