Need Asana/Google access under Team Drives!


Our files lives on team drive now. Didn’t see why asana still hasn’t supported this yet


Basic feature. Will stop Asana implementation since does not make sense not using the updated file picker from google drive that already uses this.


+1 for team drives. Have just migrated to Asana and moved all our files to G Suite specifically for the integration advertised on the site. It’s crucial that files aren’t duplicated (or worse moved out of the team drive) to someone’s personal drive. Disappointing to see standardised responses and closed threads when there’s clearly an essential need for this.


Wow… I am astounded by the way ASANA has handled this issue that is almost a year and a half old.

For everyone on this threads reference, Alexis closed a thread on this exact issue after declaring it was being prioritized along other “features”. This is despite that people have pointed out this isn’t really a feature as it is a bug / error / defect as team drive is a core portion of google drive app which is claimed on multiple sales docs to be supported and should be treated as such.

At the same time she closed that thread, this one popped up and the truth that the correction of this item isn’t even on the roadmap is finally revealed by a sales person…

This feels like a complete misrepresentation of the last years thread but even further, a total disregard for what is very clearly a major productivity issue in the system for many customers.

For reference here is the old thread:

And Alexis, for the record, responding to what is a very pointed thread about lose of productivity because of what customers see as a broken feature, with “go read this article about our roadmap” is extremely frustrating and not considerate of customers time.


Hi Robert,

It sounds like you’re passionate about Asana! I respect that and truly appreciate your commitment to this product. It sounds like this feature would have a big impact on your workflow, and I personally wish that it were as simple as me snapping my fingers and making the change happen. As Community Manager, it is my job to be a voice for the community here at Asana and to deliver your thoughts to my team. While it is unfortunate that the product team isn’t able to meet every request when it is made, I feel confident in our product team’s decision making process. I can tell you for certain that our PMs are doing their very best to create a roadmap that will better our customer experience and our product, within the limits of bandwidth, team size, and the simple fact that there are only 24 hours in one day.

As for thread closure, this is a common practice in online forums that keeps forums healthy and up to date. However, we hear you on the concern and have paused thread closures in order to explore multiple avenues for keeping the forum healthy.

Thank you, Robert, and thanks to all of you for your passion for the Asana product and all that we do here. It’s our goal to make your work lives better, easier, and more efficient with our product and we’ll continue to do our best to serve you and that mission each day.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Has something changed in Asana recently? I’ve just been able to select a team drive in our G Suite account when adding a file to a task. Either way - this is great news!


It looks like Asana quietly added team drive. It’s not working seamlessly for me yet, so I’m guessing they’re still in the testing phase. Glad that Asana is finally responding to their customers expressed needs.


Great, I’m happy to here this, as we only use teams drives for our volunteers and board.


None of us are seeing the option to select Team Drive. Frustrating.


We have it now! Thanks Asana.


Yes! So excited that you’ve seen this! For more information take a look at this link: