Notification for deleted tasks?



Is there a way to be notified if a task is deleted? Now I have a custom report to show me tasks I have created and assigned to other which have been deleted, but I would like to receive notifications once the task is deleted.



Great question, @Eric_Allen. There’s no way to get a notification for this today, but we’ll capture this for the team as feedback for future work on notifications.

I’m going to move over to Product Feedback to capture this request. Thanks!


Me too I think ASANA needs a delete notification to task creator, task assigner etc…
I think also ASANA needs an improve in user management: now all users can do everything in a task, also if they are only guest.

It’s a big security bug.

Please ASANA, image I’m a SEO consultant and I creato 20 tasks for website fix and I assign them to web agency. What’s happened if web agency (who created a bad seo site…) delete the tasks?

Asana User Permissions

I totally agree as well, I hope Asana do something about the Delete issue, any guest user can delete a task and no one will even know about it.


+1 for this feature. Asana MUST do something about security issues. My suggestion, keeping users’ activity logs for admin AND deleting notifications for all task followers will very much help.


Yes! Please give us a way to see tasks we’ve created that have been deleted. Our lives would be sooooo much easier!


Hi Asana Team,

I think this is immediately required! One of my team members deleted a task and no one got a notification. This results in quite some issues in the work flow.

Would be great if you’ll can deploy it asap.



Also noticed this today. I can share a task across multiple projects in different teams, but if another user comes along and deletes it, even as the task assignee, I get no notification as all?

Also if a user deletes a task that is created by, assigned to or followed by others, maybe we could prompt the user so he can be aware of the action?

It feels too easy to accidentally delete stuff that was actually shared, and have a team lose an item without being aware of it.


+1 here as well. This would be HUGE!


Someone in my company accidentally removed the name and deleted a task I’d made which was very important. I didn’t know about it for 2 weeks, and now we have a serious and sinister bug in our live product that we would have fixed because Asana didn’t notify me of the deletion. This feature is critical! Having critical tasks deleted can happen to anyone.


Someone from my company delete more then halfs important tasks and i didn’t know until today, when I remember some project and want to check how it’s going but didn’t find it. After that I understand what happens.
Its really very bad situation also because take times before realizing…
What i can do and how can be recovered?


Is there any update for this subject? This feature is really essential. Thanks.


This is still happening. I don’t want to use Asana any more because of it, but my company is still using it. Please make tasks not able to be deleted except by the creator, at least.


I agree! I suspect an employee deleted a required sub task from our template for projects because he didn’t agree with the task. I would like to be able to at the very least be able to see the history for who deleted it. Having a role with the ability to add but not delete would be optimal.


Another vote here. It’s a critical decision making factor for us in taking on Asana as our sole project management tool - at the moment, we only have a choice of enabling a ‘comment only’ approach - or ‘can edit’ which means that anyone across the business could accidentally delete anything.
An update on whether this is going to go ahead would be amazing please Asana :0)


the lack of this feature makes me hate Asana