Organization Tip of the Day- Emojis



They say pictures are worth a thousand words, which means emojis must be worth at least a dozen :grin: Use emojis to express reactions, emotions, or just plain fun. :blush::smile::sunglasses:

In Asana, you can start with a colon β€œ:” and type the name of the emoji (such as β€œ[colon]tada[colon]” = :tada: ) to add it to comments, descriptions, and more. Try adding emojis today :calendar::white_check_mark:


Hi Kaitie. Is there a guide with the names of all the emojis?


There are a bunch of browser emoji extensions available that are useful. Google: "emoji extension for "

For instance:


Thanks Kaitie and Tom for these tips. Just installed the Chrome Extension I’ll start using more emojis right away! :+1:


Here are the only emoji’s that work in team/project/task headings. yes I tested them all. I would love if Asana could support a larger range.

55 am


How did you get them to work in project and task headings? The only way I know to type them is with a colon on either side of the emoji name and that doesn’t work for me in project names or tasks headings (sections).


It might’ve been under the β€˜Edit’ menu of my browser, right at the bottom was an β€˜emoji and symbol’ section that brought up a box where you select the one you want and it inputs the emoji where the cursor is.