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More to come

Drag and Drop Emails Directly from Outlook into Tasks

@JCarl this is SO cool! :smiley:

My favorite points here are no. 5 create team conversation, no. 6 create project conversation, and no.8 subject line.

What inspired you to create this - was it that you use Outlook or did you notice a need from others and see an opportunity? Also, what was your process for coming up with this and how did you prioritize these features for the beta over others?

Audiences that come to my mind:

  • Person loves using Asana, but they’re still still working on getting their team or organization to take the plunge and commit
  • Person’s team uses Asana, but they still use email for external clients and they’ve gotten used to Outlook over the years and want to be able to bridge the two platforms to maximize productivity
  • Person who is in the proess of making the transition from Outlook to Asana and wants more wiggle room during the process
  • Person who is using Zapier to connect email to Asana and wants a more direct option
  • Person who is using Asana’s feature to push email to Asana and wants a more flexible option

Super excited to hear other people’s thoughts on this.


I designed the feature and interface from my last couple years of experience. Actually I know, that you can get away from email but you can’t get totally away from it. Third party senders of information, tasks you think of when your reading etc. I think the alternate description field is going to be great also as sometimes you only want a piece of an email to go into a task created description. Still in beta but I am running it and working with my programmer on the last few items.


Ahh amazing. Please keep us posted @JCarl!


It is finished and working great. Hopefully Asana can fix the problem duplicate name projects having the same Project Conversation email address.


Oh cool! YAY. Following up with my colleagues on the duplicate name projects question and will reply in that thread. :slight_smile:


I appreciate the fact that Asana is looking at the duplicate names issue for me. I understand it may not rise to the highest priority but glad that both @Alexis and @Katie are kind enough to at least direct it to the right channels. I also will be looking for some beta testers who want to try out what I think is a really great tool as soon as I figure out the appropriate beta tester agreement. If anyone is interested just drop me a note. Looking for heavy users of Asana and Microsoft Outlook Version 10 and above.


@JCarl you are too kind. We are very excited about what you’re creating!


I use Outlook 2010. How many using Outlook 2013 or 2016 use inline replys?. My add-in only works on full replys. How important is this?


Drum roll!!! It is finished and up and running. It is working very well at this point. I have attached a complete illustration of how it works. It is limited to Windows users. (Sorry Mac people). I have used for a couple weeks now and it is doing exactly what I anticipated. Some of the Slack post can see how easy it is to create a Team or Project Conversation around any email you receive. Of course it has all the flexibility built into Asana. To field can be used to Assign, CC field can add followers and Send To Asana can do the rest. If you are going to Assign or add followers, make sure you put them in the respective fields before you open the Add-in. I am looking for testers so if you are interested, just email me at james.carl@stratelyze.com. Hope it will be useful to a lot of Asana users that need to bridge between Microsoft Outlook and Asana.




Ok, I need some opinions for those of you that are not a color constrained accountant like me. I always tell everybody if my kids were a box of crayons, I gave them the black and white and my wonderful wife gave them all the colors. The beta testing is going great except even I sometimes forget to push the To: buttons to populate the address. To remedy this I asked my programmer to add color to the buttons. He was a little off on matching the 3 red dots but those of you with a graphic eye, should I leave color or just a darker grey, I want it to look clean but I am know UI expert. I want the To button to pop so people remember to click it for whatever they are trying to do. Thanks


@JCarl we would love test. Let me know


@dsenoff thanks, I have sent you the information on how to receive the beta program


What. I would love to test this out too.


Chad, just shoot me an email, and I will get you set up


@ChadMorrow you can find my email in my profile


Here is an update on the beta use to date and the changes that are being made.
I have attached the new mock up.

  1. The Add-in will be moved to the task bar for inline response for 2013 and 2016 users
  2. Users will have to click a check box as to what they want to do. Also can uncheck if a mistake is made
  3. Add-in will retain your last organization, team and project for those who indicated they were adding many tasks to a project and team at the same time
  4. The description box is being totally reworked as it will be what actually gets sent to Asana. You will be able to:
    a. Send a blank description when you don’t need one because the task description is self-explanatory
    b. You will be able to free form text
    c. You will be able to use the body of the email. The nice part about this is you can then delete the parts of the email you don’t like right in the text box.
  5. Asana has a new API that is supposed to be 5 times the speed of the current so it should be faster albeit it is pretty fast now because everything is cached.

Things are going well with many of the users reporting daily use. I still could use some more Outlook PC beta-testers.


I am happy to announce that my Microsoft Outlook Add-in is done as seen on the attached. I will be working with Asana integrations team and finishing a little beta testing. It is very powerful with lots of under the hood features. It has proven to increase my use of Asana quite a bit and that of my beta-testers. Many many hours of work with myself and programmer. If you want to beta test just send me an email


Well done @JCarl Would like to try it out, will send you an email. I have a very locked down corporate version of Outlook 2016 so will see how it goes.