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@Alexis @Kaitie Well final release is this week and I am waiting on Luke in your integrations department to approve. He said they have a backlog. Great feedback from my beta-users.


Here is the final product.


Hi @James_Carl, I’ve been excited to see your product in action since you let me know about it! Is it open to the public now?


Pretty close. Putting up the website, waiting on Asana approval. Coming very soon. Do you want to beta test it?


That’s right your a Mac guy, now I recall. Like I said very soon.


Community Members,

We are in the final stages before I release of SENDANA, the Microsoft Outlook Add-in bridge to Asana. I expect this will be available by the end of the month. IN THE MEAN TIME I have created my first website !!!

Sendana.net (Sendana.com was not available :frowning:

I would certainly appreciate any comments anyone would have and will continue to refine before release. You might check the first testimonial that I posted from one of my beta testers. There will be more.


This looks amazing for my industry, architecture, which is near impossible to get out of email usage due to so many external contacts. Would love to beta test if you are looking more, otherwise I look forward to purchasing it when its officially released.


I sent you an email. Glad to accommodate you. I don’t know if you saw my website on Sendana.net. Asana is in the process of reviewing for approved integration. I am excited about the potential to help a lot of people.


All the programming is done now and we should see release either next week or the week after. I am going to release it first as a 30 day trial to make sure a wider audience has a chance to test for any problems albeit, it has been tested quite a bit. Asana has it in its pipeline for approval and they have been very complimentary. This can still be seen at Sendana.net.



Hi Carl,

The integration looks very promising. I wanted to ask you, why you did not include “due date” as one of the input fields?

When i add a new task, 9 out of 10 times i add a due date immediately . So when i use the “send to” feature that is the standard today, i have to go to asana afterwards to add the due date. It would be a tremendous help, if it was possible to add the due date from the plug-in (and in the “send to” feature)

What are your thoughts on that?




It would be nice to be able to assign a due date consistent with good project management principles. The reason it is not included is simply the fact that Asana does not offer an email field for due date in their email creation system which Sendana utilizes. If they add it we will also.



Thank your for your answer. have you asked Asana why this is not included? it seems like a pretty obvious thing to have :slight_smile:



As I understand it, no Outlook field such as To, CC, BCC can have a date of course, it must be an email. They use the Subject Line as the Task name so it leaves no other field for a date. I guess they might be able to put in the body of the email but that becomes difficult requiring a very disciplined syntax. In fact I have never really been able to get the “Complete” on the first line of an email from Asana to mark a task as complete. So it is the engine of their email task creation system. I will be adding in the future the ability to look up qualified Assignees though as that goes in the To: field. I just have to make sure the logic only identifies members of the Team or Project selected so nobody gets something they should not.




We are going to wait about two weeks to release because we are going to add the ability to assign tasks to any member of project. This will leave us with only due date not available and only because it is not part of the Asana email creation system. In defense of Asana though you can’t put a due date in an email address. It would have to be in the description of the email like using the word “complete” in replying to a task. It would be hard to keep a consistent syntax. If @Matt_Bramlage can suggest a way to create a due date through the Asana email system we would run with it.


Very excited about this. Had a look at your website, says available in March. Any ideas on pricing yet? I am a small business owner so don’t have lots of users. Love Asana and have been desperate for this sort of solution!!



We are finishing the last extremely exciting feature which I call “Intelligent Assign Task To”. It will allow you to pop up a list of people that are members of either the Team a project resides or are a Project Member or follower. It was a delicate dance between being to broad and not really helping as well as divulging confidential participants yet being restrictive enough to be a real benefit. I am seeing spectacular feedback from my beta-testers increasing their daily use of Asana as well as forwarding attachments.

As far as the pricing goes, I have thousands of dollars into the development of what I think will be one of the best productivity integrations. Outlook Add-ins pointing to the enterprise productivity market are not priced liked Iphone apps. I looked at the biggest seller of Outlook Add-in http://www.sperrysoftware.com/Email-Tools/ and you can see that prices are anywhere from $19.95-$39.95. I am contemplating the low end but would love feedback as someday I would like to get my investment back. I am also waiting on Asana to approve as an Integration. Again, I am not spouting marketing exaggerations as this is a super productive integration.



Sounds reasonable to me! A small investment to save time. But that’s me as a small business, I only need it for one or two people. I am sure bigger businesses would look at it from a different point of view.

Really can’t wait to try it out. Any idea on launch date??


Barring any unexpected bugs as I am really trying to make as bullet proof as
possible, within next two weeks. I want to do it right. I think pricing
something that my beta users indicate they use 5-6 times per day and some
much more, that the price of productivity will be earned back in a few days
:). Thanks


Sendana is now done with the addition of the ability to make assignments. We have some administrative and eCommerce issues to finish but we have a great product as you can see in the attached screenshot. Sendana.net


I readily admit I am not a Mac user and am totally ignorant on its email. Now that Sendana is done for the PC what email systems do Mac users use? Also, how many people use G-Mail in the clouds only and don’t have desktop software. We solved many many design issues so we have the logic down, just need to understand the other email programs and platforms