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I use Gmail and Asana. :slight_smile: Mac users often use Apple Mail. https://support.apple.com/en-us/ht204093


Do you use a Mac and Gmail in the clouds or a PC


Not sure I understand your question. Gmail is its own service and, other than the offline beta, doesn’t live as a desktop app. Apple Mail is a desktop app and users have the option to store their content in the cloud with Apple iCloud storage.


@Alexis I use Outlook 365 but any version of Outlook for PC you can add Gmail as one of your accounts and it automatically synchronizes to gmail. My entire Outlook 365 and company email is through GMail resident on my desktop and accessible in the cloud from gmail or Outlook.


Sendana has launched !!! A 30 day trial is now available on my website sendana.net. The instruction manual will be on the website shortly. In addition, I am asking new users to use the Trial Period so we can have an expanded group of testing even though it has been extensively tested. We expect like any new program there will be bugs that we have not caught. Like all new Microsoft Outlook Add-in Installations, be sure and close your Outlook before clicking the Sendana setup file. I look forward to feedback and will be making some instructional videos to add to the website.


Congratulations! I wonder if we’ll see customers starting Community conversations about Sendana. :slight_smile:


I have completed a more comprehensive manual that gives a solid overview of Sendana. It is on the website sendana.net under the button instructions but for those who want a direct download, here is the URL

Sendana Instruction Manual


James, looking forward to giving this addon a shot. I’ve installed and activated the addon in Outlook, although I don’t see Sendana options anywhere in the UI. It looks like the instructions link is down right now.

Thanks for your help.


You can get instructions from post above or from sendana.net. I have been updating the manual, so maybe you hit one of my upload moments. Also, remember because it is part of composing an email, you will not see the Sendana icon until you forward, new, or reply, or reply all. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks


Trial and Instruction Link on Sendana.net

If anyone has had any problem downloading the Trial or the Instructions (to get an overview), I inadvertently had google drive configured to be for members of my company only. It is now configured so that anyone clicking the buttons will receive the respective download. If anyone finds this not to be accurate I would appreciate if you let me know.

Sendana- A Partnership Between User and Developer

Do many people use Office 365 on a PC but use synchronization to a gmail account as their primary email service? That is what I do even though I am using Gmail option of using my company as the email extension.


Sendana Poll For Additional Fields

I know that Sendana needs to be expanded to additional email systems but I am consider a pretty significant task of adding some additional fields. It is significant because some can only come for the API where Conversations are on in the Email Systems. Accordingly any feedback on the following would be great:

  1. Need to add Due Date (Not currently in Email System)
  2. Due date is not that important as it can be added afterwards
  3. Need to add Followers. (They are available in email system in CC field but if tasks come from API would have to add.
  4. Need to add Sections
  5. Any other fields.

I don’t want Sendana to lose the cleanliness of the UI but I want it as useful as possible.


Sendana 30 Day Trial

Sendana Instructions

The decision is in, we are in the process of adding Due Date, Sections and Followers. which will significantly enhance the creation and placement of tasks provided we maintain speed with API calls. Pretty exciting.


Sendana 2 is in process with the three fields requested above. Absent any unexpected problems, we expect to complete in next couple weeks. It is a little more busy but it has been programmed so you only have to select the basics or you can pinpoint your task position with the Sections options. Would love thoughts on trade off for power users versus simplicity. Being a power user and CFO by trade I opted for getting something all set up at once if something emerges out of Outlook.

All upgrades will be free and version 1 is quite powerful in its own right. Users report multiple uses per day and increased productivity.

@Peter_Skjoldager Thanks for the suggestions, hope this helps
@Ruth_Newnham You have been a tremendous help
@EricLegault You are the best developer I could have asked for!!!

Sendana Instructions

Sendana 30 Day Trial

A better Dashboard for high level overview

The latest version of Sendana is now complete with the addition of Due Date, Followers and Sections. My favorite addition is Sections. It is so easy now to place you new tasks specifically where you want them in the Project. We still maintain all the other features to create Tasks, Team Conversation and Project Conversations directly from Outlook. The website download has the new version. I will be updating the site and documentation this weekend. Hoping for great productivity increases for all you PC Outlook users…

Sendana 30 Day Trial

Sendana Instructions


Jim - I am loving testing version 2 - This is a great update! Sendana was a superb tool as it was but now even more effective. I agree that being able to choose the section of the project is a great addition! However, for me one of the best new features is getting attachments - this is a real help with productivity as I often had to create tasks from emails with documents attached, download and save the attachments and then go into Asana to load up the attachment. Being able to create tasks effectively using just about all the features of Asana is fantastic for productivity and let’s me just get on. Everyone who uses email and Asana should get this little gem. Well done to both you and Eric!


Hint from someone who is looking at Sedana for the very first time: after looking at sedana.net, I still have no idea how this app relates to Outlook, both visually and functionally. To convey this at first sight, I suggest you add some full screen screenshots of Outlook and sedana.


@Christoph that is a great comment that I really appreciate you taking the time to share with me. It is easy to to just “assume”, and you know what they say about that. Based on your recommendation I did add the same image to my website immediately below the initial screen. It became to small to have it be the first screen of my website. Sendana is a pop up add-in to Outlook that allows everything described on the website, but you are correct I don’t show together with Outlook until now. I will work on that. In the meantime, here is a full image of what it looks like while in Outlook when you click the Sendana button.

Sounds like I need to learn better my newly purchased Camtasia and make a video. This was great feedback.


Thank you @Todd_Cavanaugh for posting on Sendana in the Articles section of your very informative website www.asanatraining.com. It has been a long and fruitful journey that I believe many will benefit from. A passion for Asana drives this community to share ideas, create integrations, educational materials and consulting to help the vision of Asana become a reality for wider audiences. That is what community is about. And thank you @Alexis for creating a site where users can come together to help each other and let people know about additional resources to maximize their Asana success.


I am pleased to announce that Sendana has been reviewed and approved to be an Integration on Asana’s integration website. I am working with Asana to provide the necessary information and look forward to its availability directly from the website. In the meantime a free trial and instructions guide remain available at Sendana-The Microsoft Outlook Add-in To Asanaback as well as @EricLegault my developer. Without such feedback Sendana would not have become the robust integration it is. I continue to express appreciation to @Alexis for her support and encouragement and problem solving solutions from @Matt_Bramlage. I truly believe Sendana will be a significant addition to users of Microsoft Outllook for PC’s in maximizing the use of Asana.


I LOVE THIS IDEA but I use outlook on a mac. Any idea when you will release a version we can use?