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Not sure as I don"t have a sense of how many MAC Outlook users there are. It appears the next big group would be gmail users looking for an extension. Each platform is a completely different re-write. When I came up with this idea I was fortunate to hire a Microsoft expert for PC @EricLegault . Thanks for the compliment though.


Sendana is now a listed integration on the Asana website. Thank you for everyone that helped make this possibile including Luke at Asana and @alexis as well as my great developer @EricLegault. To you Mac users, gmail is in process. No promises until it is complete as usual, but we are on our way. Thanks again.



Congratulations, James. That’s an impressive achievement. :fireworks::tada:



I try to avoid using gifts in the Community, but this situation seems appropriate.


Similar to the Outlook “Send to OneNote” functionality, can Sendana be used to send received emails (maybe even tasks & calendar items) to Asana without the need to Reply/Forward/New.


The new release in about 3 weeks will allow sending from anywhere within Outlook and also add tags.



Sendana has a new website much nicer than the one I built. Give me a break though I had never done one before. Lots of Asana users are increasing their productivity with Sendana. So here is the site Sendana The Microsoft Outlook Add-in For Asana. I would like to thank @haythem.abderrahim and his wife for making a better site for me. I can have ideas but without developers like @EricLegault the technical brain behind Sendana and @haythem.abderrahim and his wife they just would have remained on paper.


You are welcome James :grinning:


The new site is beautiful, @James_Carl :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing!!


@James_Carl New website is fab and Big congratulations on becoming a listed integration!! :clap::clap: I’m still loving Sendana :heart_eyes:


@Jason_Yau Looks like you and I do take a different approach. We are in the process of finishing programming on the Google Chrome Extension of Sendana which should have all the features of the current Sendana of Outlook thus allowing all MAC users to utilize also. Good luck with your new utility.


Sendana is proud to announce three major additions to Sendana that will make our Microsoft Add-in even more powerful. We are currently in the final beta testing with release scheduled for next week. One of my most trusted testers @Ruth_Newnham has given the thumbs up so far so just being cautious.

  1. Tags; Everyone has been clamoring for the addition of Tags. Well, @EricLegault did his magic one more time and not only added Tags, but the ability to add new Tags and choose the color. Tremendous new feature for both Free and Premium users.

  2. Sendana is now available from anywhere within Outlook. You don’t even have to open an email or be in compose mod

  3. The Description field is now expandable by collapsing the detail field allowing much more flexibility to what is added to the Task or Conversation Description. We started adding so much power in so many fields we were getting to small on the Description. So once again @EricLegault waived his magic wand.

  4. I would highly recommend for any of you Office users that want anything custom with Microsoft, Eric is a certified MVP that has done phenomenal for me.

  5. Finally don’t forget we are busy on Google Chrome Extension. No promises until we can deliver but we are giving it a go.

Thanks for your support



Is it possible to attach an email incoming or outgoing to an existing asana task comments or in this tool meant to create a new task only?


Sendana does not look up existing tasks. You could send to exact section of existing task and drop in as a subtask.


Any plans to add this in the future?



@James_Carl - New version is really great - loving the ability to not only add tags but create them and assign colours! Great for starting conversations too - particularly now that the @EricLegault designed the top section to collapse so you can see what your typing! This little app just keeps getting better and I have to say I would be lost without it! :clap:


Good to hear that the chrome version is on it’s way as that will help me access this for work and personal use. I mainly use Outlook for work but can loadup chrome if there was something personal I wanted to deal with. we also have outlook 365 so chrome gives me another option if the addin plays up. Thanks


I have finally had the time to update the manual for Sendana to add the great new features of access from anywhere within Outlook, the powerful addition of Tags and the Expandable/Collapsible Description Field. The link for the new manual is here: Sendana Manual and also on our website Sendana-The Outlook Add-in For Asana


Can you develop an Apple Mail plugin for this for the Mac?


We are limited to Windows PC for now. I do think one person runs on the Mac software Parallels. Thanks