Paste screenshots / images directly instead of links



I’m having trouble getting the extension to work - any tips? I’ve got the latest version of Asana, page is definitely refreshed, latest version of Chrome, icon is lit up… is there something I’m missing?


Hi, Erin. I recall having to refresh my Asana tab before Asana Paste would work after installing the extension. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response! I added the extension when you first mentioned it and never had an opportunity to use it until now, so the pages have been long refreshed, Asana and Chrome updated, etc etc. I guess I don’t know what I’m looking for.

What do YOU do to make it work? Just Ctrl+V? Right click + Paste? Is there a button I’m missing?

I know I sound like I’ve never used an extension in my life, but I’m pretty familiar with how they work. Having said that, I don’t expect you to walk me through it… if it just doesn’t work for me, I’ll be just fine. :relaxed:


SOOOO glad I came across this extension.

@Erin_Booker - Once you’ve refreshed the Asana page (which as you mentioned was likely long ago) you just use the key CTL-V (right click paste works too) when you are in a task. You need to have an image copied to the clip board.

You can test by right click copying your forum avatar then right click paste in the task. You can be in the task name, description or comment field.


Thanks, gang! I have 100% confidence in the “if I tell someone it doesn’t work, it will work just to prove me wrong” method of fixing things. Worked like a charm!


I’d like to see a file preview mode for all file types instead of forcing me to save to a drive for some file types. This may be browser/OS specific, but clarity on this helps. Let’s keep files in the Asana environment to review until we expressly want to move them out of the Asana wrapper.

Copy and paste pictures and screenshots

I too am very satisfied with the Chrome extension, but like many have said earlier: Inline pasting would be tremendous leap forward.

Asana team: Please move this up he list :slight_smile:


+1000 to this feature! I want to be able to paste images too!!


This is already an old request, everyone is asking for it… what’s so hard of implementing this???


Thanks for emphasizing your interest in this, everyone! Our team is super aware of the concern and is prioritizing it among our other requests.


Man, you rock! Thank you so much for this, it is such an important feature, and today is the first time I am able to do it. Thanks


@Kaitie @Alexis A simple use case for us is pasting examples of UI issues in the backlog.

For example: “here is a screenshot of the problem, picture attached”.

Being able to just paste it in the comment makes this reporting a breeze; having to capture, save and attach, aside from being so '90s, frequently leads to people just not reporting the issue (or even just sending it to someone over slack)

Thanks for considering it


Hi All, I am part of a team of gardeners (just for a change of career from IT) and we would like to manage our gardens with Asana. What hold us back is the lack of inline pictures in the comments and conversations,. We need to take pictures of plants and other garden shots and make our comments around them. Without this feature we are stuck with gmail, using asana only for the todo lists. Please consider that Asana is not only for IT development, … we are into a visual words nowdays and pictures are essentials for communications. Thank you so much for offering such a smashing tool ! Massimo


Hi Massimo,

There are two ways of doing this:

  • attaching the picture file to the timeline (the thumbnails show up)

  • install the extension in the link below, generously provided by one of the members, that allow you to copy an image from the clipboard directly to the comments section.

Hope this helps


I think you meant this comment @Ricardo_Abude!

It’s very useful (I use it myself) however it’s not a solution that works for this specific issue @Massimo is talking about I believe - inline commenting. It also always defaults to the title of ‘image’ - so like if I’m referring to the one I just pasted into the task, I can’t just say ‘image name’ because they’re ALL named ‘image’ - so we need inline images like email, so in the comment itself the image is there and we can go ^^ THIS image needs xyz.

That’s truly what Asana needs to be full blast IMO.


How does Asana Paste work? I installed but can’t get it to paste an image.


Did you refresh Asana before you tried it? If that’s not the issue, you could try disabling then re-enabling the extension. That worked for one of my colleagues who had a problem with it.



I figured it out. I can paste within a task. I can’t paste within the Team Conversations.



Could someone give the sequential steps to using this. The attached is what I get on the icon, so I see no way to capture a screenshot and paste. If I click Asana paste it just takes me to the extension store. Thanks


Hi James

I think the title of this extension is a bit misleading, since it doesn’t actually paste inline with text. However, it does is allow you to ‘paste’ an attachment directly to a task, without having to separately upload the image. It will paste whatever image you have on your clipboard, so you just copy the image or screenshot, click in the comments section of the task and paste as normal.

It only works in the comments section (tasks and subtasks), not in the description. And, weirdly, I’ve just discovered that it won’t work in My Tasks, only in individual projects. You might want to try that yourself to confirm but I’ve tried in several tasks with various images and it won’t work in My Tasks.

Hope that helps.