Paste screenshots / images directly instead of links



Really happy with the extension … I was feeling quite discouraged to find out that I can’t copy/paste and images or screenshots directly into the comments … as I am used to doing in Slack… but with this extension that problem seems to have been solved now… awesome, and thanks for sharing.



Love hearing comments like this! Glad you were able to find a solution that works for you.


Can I get a Firefox extension? This is such a ridiculous oversight on the devs part - smh


The lack of inline commenting indeed is a big pain point which I’ve encountered a couple of times. It’s real time inefficient to find workarounds on the user side.

Just one of the examples… sometimes I take a screenshot of a report I’ve created to reveal issues or problems with output or data-quality. To document what goes wrong it’s easier to explain when it’s part of the comment rather than a separate message where you need to add the thumbnail in a different comment.


This would be very helpful!


There should be an earier way of uploading pictures to a task. Now only an import is possible. Should be a drag and drop.


Friendly reminder to vote at the top of the thread if this is a feature you want!


Just wanted to mention my process if this was a feature. it would mean posting annotated visuals within seconds.

I use it allowed me to upload this screen to their site but also save to your clipboard meaning you can share ideas on a task very quickly. if you could simply paste. its takes over your print screen key.



Yes, this is a very useful plugin. My #1 plugin actually, and I use a ton on Chrome. Perfekt match with Lightshot!


Just switched from Trello and was super surprised to find that Asana didn’t support this. We use this feature every single day, multiple times a day, in supporting our clients and the software we manage for them. Please add!!!


Thank you so much for this!


+1 for this feature


Yes please! As a PM, I’m taking screenshots all day and have a strong preference for Copy/Paste over Drag/Drop. The Chrome extension seems to work well, but this seems like an obvious and easy enhancement for the core product. Just about every other product (even JIRA!) in the space supports this.


On my side, I’m using Asana as a bug tracker.
Each task is a ticket for the development team.
I’m using LightShot to do some screen short, and give some feedbacks about a task

I really need to simply copy the screenshot and paste to the task, instead of saving image first.


Just adding my two penneth to this - I would LOVE this feature.
It would make things so much easier. Working on mock ups etc, it’s much easier to just be able to paste in a screenshot rather than save/upload. I am going to check out the extension but I would really love this feature. Thank you for an amazing product - just needs this little tweak!


Inlining a JPG, GIF, or PNG seems like such a basic feature nowadays, I’m kind of surprised as a new Asana user that this still isn’t functional yet as this was brought up over a year ago? Any updates?


After using Asana Paste for many happy months it simply stopped working. Tried everything - restart, refresh the page, delete, reinstall, activate, deactivate, black magic, the kitchen sink - no success. A Handsome reward for a soul who can shed some light on this sad matter… Thanks


yes, Caisha, thanks


Oh goodness! I hadn’t noticed yet, but mine is broken as well. I’ll submit a report to the extension owner, I encourage others to do the same to see what the issue is =)


Asana Paste has stopped working and we weren’t able to find a workaround for it.

Does anyone know what’s going on? We would love to find a fix for it otherwise we will be forced to switch to another project manager (for us, copy&paste save us too much time)