Please make a Premium Solo Plan


Another +1 to the growing list.

I’m a single member, sometimes use a second user on some projects.
I mainly need the premium features for myself as I’m managing all projects.

I do appreciate you’re not charging for a few extra members as it allows to assign a task, share projects and have conversations which offers true freemium value, but there should be a difference between premium features & team features.
You’re right saying Asana is most valuable when teams use it, but then why don’t you bill separately for premium features only like Timeline / Custom fields / Task dependencies / Start dates ? Everything else is team use.
If I want my second user to have access to those features then I buy a premium package for him. If we’re increasing the team to +5 then I’d buy a Premium Team package… Just a thought.

I used to have premium Todoist at 25€ a year because it offers premium features I need. When I share task with another member, I don’t need him to have access to the premium features.

Asana is far superior and I’m almost using it entirely, but I just can’t afford 345€ a year for 1.5 members just to get access to the premium features… (A family Office 365 package is 3x cheaper than Asana)

I hope you can consider our request. Thanks!

Ps: removing support for premium would be acceptable.


+1, I won’t pay for an upgrade for 5 users. I only need 1 pro user. I’d love to see this happen, Asana!


I think I’m going to try Clickup. Asana doesn’t seem interested in us.


Well, I was going to upgrade to Premium and there’s no option for 1 user. Moving to Clickup, I wanted to manage my team with Asana but paying for 4 extra seats when I don’t need it is very frustrating.


Same here! Just cancelled my trial and moved to Clickup <- thanks for the recommendation!


This is insane, I just looked around in Asana, looks great and would like the premium feature. Why in the #$# is is not possible to pay PER user, that would be the most fair pricing for everyone… Or a starter subscription for solopreneurs? (say USD14,99?) I really feel like you are not listening to potential user. Starters who get more people in their company will upgrade as time goes by…


Nevermind.Clickup looks awesome!


I completely understand what you’re saying about teams appreciating the groups of 5 and 10 billing. Nobody is asking you to change that. All we’re asking is that you just add in one more option for us solopreneurs, even if that option was a price for, say, 2 or 3 team members. A solo plan priced between $10-18 would, I think, be fine with most people. I don’t understand why this can’t be done. Yes, your focus may be on teams but when you’ve got another customer base crying out for your product and wanting to pay you for it, it seems very odd business practice to just ignore that completely, especially given that many of these solo users may grow their business to a place where they have a whole team of people working for them in the future anyway.


I am in the exact same boat. Asana offers all the tools I need and is the platform I want to use, however it’s currently just me as a freelancer and I outsource a little bit of work to a designer. PLEASE create a solo plan

What are the best alternatives for now?


I have the same grievances as those in this thread. A need for the Premium version of Asana, for a single user, at a rate that’s equitable.

What would stop a group of 5 Solo’s (i.e. on this thread) from sharing the cost of a 5 user license.
One person becomes the admin, sets up and pays the monthly subscription on behalf of the group. The other users simply transfer their monthly contributions to a group paypal account.



I think you should consider a 1-user pricing tier for individuals and freelances. Although ASANA has been designed to help teams collaborate efficiently, I strongly believe that it’d be extremely useful as well for many individuals who just want to use a single and comprehensive tool like Asana instead of calendars, gantt charts software, reminders and kanban boards separately.

Individuals now must purchase a 5-users license which is pretty expensive for just one person.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Alfons_Monserrat_Rev! We already have a thread on this topic: Please make a Premium Solo Plan so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post to gather all feedback on one thread. Feel free to add your vote on the main thread!


Now I have to consider jumping ship. Sad thing is, when my team grows beyond 5 members, I will already have moved on to another platform.


I cannot believe there’s no single user option for premium! The whole Reason I came over to check this out was the new Timeline with task dependencies. This is just so shortsighted. Most of us start off as solo business owners. The people who love systems are totally into setting up the right thing from the very start with a view towards growing their organization. Plus all the freelancers out there, they work as guests on clients’ projects, but they are only a single user organization themselves.

Task dependencies are critical for me, so I guess I’m either paying Instagannt or abandoning Asana and going back to Trello + BigPicture until there’s a single use premium option. Randomly tiered subscriptions really miss the mark here.